Saturday, May 09, 2009

12 beauties but 1 winner, who will it be?

A ferocious cat fight...
Numerous flashes of light...
12 female hotties....

If your first thought was some documentary show or animal show, guess again. It's Malaysia's very own and very first Online Reality TV show, Malaysian Dreamgirl.

What is Malaysian Dreamgirl you say?

Well, this show is somewhat like Tyra Bank's Next Top Model show, but the difference is...It's totally Malaysia baby....

Malaysian Dreamgirl
is an online reality TV show where 12 girls "fight" to be top model in the show and viewers are the ones that will be deciding who stays and who goes. So I would say it's a mixture of Next Top Model with American Idol's voting system. Lol.

Ok, back to business, if you've been following the show..*like I have*. We are now down to our final 3 contestants; Juanita, Dawn & Pinky. The finale or the Grande Finale as I like to call it will be held :-

Venue : The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Date : 15 May 2009 (This coming Friday)
Time : 7pm onwards

This is it people, 12 beauties, but 3 remains. Which of the 3 you have crowned as the 2nd Malaysian Dreamgirl and fullfilling her dreams....

Will it be Juanita?


or Dawn?
Photos copyright of Malaysian Dreamgirl

Tune in to Malaysian Dreamgirl, or better yet..get your bums, camera and maybe flowers if you're a diehard fan and come down to The Curve and support your favourite model.

Remember now, it's at The Curve on the 15th of May starting from 7pm onwards...


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