Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wickedly Wicked

Last Sunday, Suzanne and I went for a magic show. But it's not your average magic show. This is Barry & Stuart, two magicians from UK, specifically from Scotland. They were here at Malaysia, courtesy of Gardner&Wife, for two weeks of non-stop comedy with magic. You might have known them for their controversial magic on "tricks from the bible".

Well, despite of that, I was entertained by their performance during the last show. What I like about them is that they're engaging. They involve the crowd is lots of stuffs. I must say, despite all these, the publicity was not well received. Before they came, The Star did publicize the event but only 1 page. I did expected a full crowd during the last night, but unfortunately there were plenty of empty seats, I could pay 50 bucks and seat at the 80 bucks seat and no one would care. Well Suzanne sat on the 70 bucks eat (which was coincidentally next to mine).

Overall, I'd say it was worth the money. It's not everyday you get to watch these people live after viewing their shows on Youtube. After the show, I had the privilege to speak to Stuart. We talked about some of the acts that I've seen on youtube and those they've performed that night. Then before Suzanne and I left, I also had the opportunity to take pictures with Barry & Stuart...

I do hope they return again, sometime in the future.

Barry & Stuart, they're wickedly wicked...

That's me with Barry(L) and Stuart (R)

Suzanne with Barry & Stuart


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