Sunday, December 28, 2008

My final week

Well, this is it. This is my final week in Perth, I am officially a Murdoch Graduate having passed all my final 3 units with I would say satisfying results. It has been a tough 1 and a half years. But I have persevere with God's help. He has seen me through this tough 3 semesters here in Perth. He showed me the way to friends that I know I will never forget. He showed me the way to a church I love serving. Zion Praise Harvest will always be the place I have in my heart. I will definitely miss ZPH.

I am at the midst of packing my stuff and hopefully the transition back home will be smooth and hopefully no reverse cultural shock. Though I feel there might be a slight shock. I love Australia, I love Perth. If God willing, I will definitely return here.

To all the friends I've met here in Perth,

God bless you all and I hope we could meet each other again. Murdoch Zone-rs. Remember, Jesus loves you. RIGHT? =)

Good bye Perth..


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