Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye Uni

What do you know, I have finally finished my university. It sure has been a bumpy 5 years of tertiary education. I had lots of ups' and downs but nevertheless I overcome it. It's like not too long ago I started my diploma at KDU College and then further my studies right here at Murdoch University. Gosh, I just realise I'm no longer a student!?!

Well, I guess it's time that I join the rat race or what Kenneth would call "Sampah Masyarakat" (Society's Trash for translation). I also have come to realise, I am no longer a kid, it's time that I really grow up and start acting more my age. But...but....I'm just bloody 22 years old!! Oh what the hell...

Well, somehow I am having mix feelings right now. Part of me am happy that I'm done with studies. The other part of me wish to remain a student awhile longer. But we all have to face reality, we're not getting any younger. Anyways, my convocation will be held at Singapore next year. If I'm not mistaken, it's roughly during October 2009. Time and date still unknown but venue would most probably at Raffles Convention Center (or so they call it).

I do feel really sad that mom is not able to make it for my convocation. My wish and dream when she was still with us is that she will be able to watch me walk up the stage and collect my certificate. But I believe she knows that I love her very much....

Oh well.....

Caine is done with uni....not yet graduate, just done with uni!!


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