Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Malaysian Music Haven just for you...

Recently, two guys came together, sat down, talked and decided to come up with a website that is dedicated to the Malaysian Music Community....

On the 14th of September 2008, History was made. Smeex was set up and began operation on that day....

Smeex is a website dedicated to the Malaysian Music Community and the purpose of Smeex is to unite Malaysians who share the same interest in Music and bring them all together as one community. Here are a few explanations to what Smeex is all about...

What is Smeex.Com?
Smeex is a Malaysian music community portal website, a website for Malaysian musicians and music enthusiasts. The website primarily focuses on the Malaysian music scene, providing updates and news on 'whats new' in Malaysian music today. Smeex is also a resource portal, where you can find music-related resources such as downloads, tutorials, software, lyrics, song sheets, chords, and much more in time to come!

Why Smeex. Why not some other name?
The reason to choosing 'smeex' was because it was a short and catchy name. Smeex is actually the abbreviation for the words "Sound, Music, Euphony, Enjoyable, and Xtreme". Sounds corny, but that's what WE musicians are - Producing something pleasing to the ears that is extremely enjoyable!

The Goal of Smeex
The goal of this site is to provide a platform for musicians and music enthusiasts to interact, share their music, find/meet other musicians/professionals in the music industry.

What makes Smeex different/unique?
Smeex is all about community and user-driven content. One of the key features Smeex offers is the ability to 'find' other musicians/band members instantaneously by filling up a simple form. The larger Smeex grows, the more possibilities there are out there for musicians as well.

Basically, if you are a Music enthusiast, a musician or someone who wants to know more about the love of music. I recommend you to visit Smeex and check it out.



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