Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A picture left with memories for the heart

It's been exactly 3 months since mom departed from us. It was really difficult for me to let go of her after spending 22 years of my life with her, from the day she conceived me till the day she went home to be with the Lord. I will never forget the times I spent with her in the hospital, sacrificing my sleep and holidays just to take care of her. I think about the times she sacrificed her busy schedule just to pick me up from school, dropping me off to tuition, picking me up from tuition.

I will never forget being involve with her in worship. I'll be either on the drums, guitar or bass, and she will be the back up singer, I really miss her melodious voice...

One of her favorite Christian song was....

Jesus, be the center Be my source, be my light Jesus Jesus, be the center Be my hope, be my song Jesus Be the fire in my heart Be the wind in these sails Be the reason that I live Jesus, Jesus Jesus, be my vision Be my path, be my guide Jesus

She has fulfilled her duty as a mother to my siblings and I. I know that because of who I am today and what I have become. She would not hesitate to point out my flaws and correct me, one of them being my temper. She has always been telling me about my temper, always teaching me to be patient. Mom, I want you to know that I do not let my anger get the best of me so easily.
What else I can about my mom? She taught me that we ought to bless other people, don't ask anything in return and God will surely bless us back.

Our last Chinese New Year together as a family.... Our last reunion dinner as a family....
We always have steamboat for reunion dinner. Mom would always get the best crabs there is from her friend. FRESH and ALIVE!! This year I took the liberty to murder the crabs since mom had no strength anymore to chop the crabs.

This was the last time she spent her birthday with me. I guess that was 29th August 2006. This year we'll have one less birthday to celebrate. It aches my heart so bad that I am unable to celebrate her 49th birthday...

This will be the first time that :
  • I will be spending Christmas without her
  • I will be ushering the New Year without her
  • I will be graduating from Murdoch without her
  • I will be celebrating Chinese New Year without her
  • I will be celebrating my birthday without her
It will be the first time for so many things for me....

Gosh, I really really miss her alot....Will I ever learn to let go and move on?



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