Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Update

Wow, it's been nearly 2 months since I last update. I also am not suppose to be updating right now anyways, but I just needed something to relax my mind. Well, this is nearly the end of the semester, I have only assignments to complete and handing them in. I just completed my first essay and I'm yet to study for my test on Monday (which is today!!!) 2.30pm.

Well nothing much as happen, I never really experience much this semester. It felt like the semester just went past me in a blink of an eye. I've only got one more semester to go and I'll be heading home. (Finally!) Oh, I dislocated my right shoulder, how cool is that? The pain was unbearable, well at least for me it was unbearable. I never had such injuries in my life. But the pain is nothing compare to the pain I felt when I received the bills for Medical and Radiology. YES, I needed to do an X-ray to assessed the damage to my right shoulder, and thank God nothing was damage. Doctor was satisfied with the condition. He just pop it back in, just like that. Though I had to inhale Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas, though there wasn't anything to laugh about.

Have been on the sling for the past week, now I just take it out once in awhile to relax my hand, plus I needed to get my assignments done so have to force myself to type. Well, the muscles are weak now and chance for another dislocation is high.(Not very high but possible) Hence I have to get myself a shoulder support whenever I play sports.

I am very grateful for Aunty Jenny for cooking dinner for me for the past week. Haven't had home cook meal for a very long time. Though she ask nothing in return, I feel I should get them something as a token of appreciation. May God bless that house richly =)

Had my first birthday celebration away from home, guess what I did?Nothing, lunch , cake and then afternoon nap.

Oh well, better get back to my studies, it's 4am right now. Shhh, I shouldn't be here...



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