Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is this goodbye?

Imagine having friends you know for long time and all of a sudden they start backstabbing shit behind your back? sucks isn't it? Well, I don't really care what they say, they say what they have to say, I say what I have to say, and I say, grow up you little childish wuss. Our friendship will and will always be from now on a Hi , how are you and there I said it...I put it behind me. It's in the past.. =)


I can't help but feel that this might be our last year.

I am sorry for the past wrongs I've did behind your back, I am sorry for the things that I've said to you, though I never meant it.

I am sorry for putting you in so much stress, I am sorry for making you carry so much burdens for me.

Sometimes I wish I could make it all better...

I guess, if you want it to happen, I will have to learn to let you go...

Give me time to recover.... I'll always love you, always...


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