Friday, January 18, 2008

A boy badly bruised

Last night would most probably one of those moments I'll never forget. It would be the only time that I nearly ended up in the hospital or the morgue. Whatever the outcome is, I'll have to prepare for the worst that might cross my path.

My future for the time being has taken another turn, I might not be able to accomplish what I start 6 months back. I might even need to rely on myself from this moment on. I guess it's gonna be extra tough for me but I'm glad that I have relatives who truly cares for my wellbeing. I may not be able to rely on education + financial support, but I guess I can find a way.

There were lots of thoughts circling through my head while alone in the room. I contemplated suicide, I even thought of murder. But I manage to cool down to rationalise things.

Of all the mistakes I've done yesterday, I'm glad I did not do one thing...

is to kill someone...



Blogger B~Anna~na said...

*hugs* besides caring relatives.. you'll always have caring friends too..

whatever it is, i hope you're alright.. Anna mei mei will always be here for you..

5:06 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

i love u dear dear

1:13 AM  

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