Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another day in Perth

Yes, it is time.. it is THE time...

for me to update.

Haha, I've done it! It's the end of my semester. I am now finishing up my assignments and hand them in and then, it's 24 hours 7 days of Rise of Nation. I'm gonna conquer the world!!!

Alright, back to reality. Well, it's been a blessing 4 months for me here down under. I'm grateful to God for helping me pass the critical essay which I oh so did not put much effort, and oh so did not understand anything about it. But still Thank God nonetheless.

I also want to thank God for the job that I've found. It is by far the most enjoyable job I can find, at least for now.

Oh well, I would put pictures here, but I'm just too lazy to upload the pictures into the laptop and have them resized...


I'm coming home!!!


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