Friday, September 07, 2007

A day at Freo

Well, friends back in Malaysia, here you go. The long waited pictures of....

*drum roll*

Caine the famous monkey clown!!!

We had Fish & Chips for lunch during our trip to Freo. The portion was big , but not as big as before. The last time I went for Fish & Chips it was huge!

After that, a few of us went Mc D's for ice cream. After buying the ice- cream, we headed to the beach which is just around the corner happily munching on our ice-cream and cam whoring =)

That's Alan and I enjoying our ice- cream.

Ya Ta!!!! We finished our ice cream

The whole group.
from left: Sherman, Alfred, Caine, Sam, Noel, Kah Hon, Alan

That's Alfred , Noel and Sam (girls are coursemates, the guy's fro UWA)

After that, we headed to Fremantle Market, but before that we made a pit stop to Boost for some Boost. While the others went for Gelatino or was it gelato? oh well....

Then we proceed to the Market...

The vegetables and fruits are FRESH and CHEAP.

Well that's all folks. I shall take my leave with one last picture

Cheers mate =)


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