Sunday, July 01, 2007


Well, I came back from Singapore with a heavy heart, knowing my mom's PET Scan results isn't good. Sometimes I wonder why would such things happen to our family. Only God knows why. I guess we shouldn't complain to God why we are suffering instead look at how Job showed his love and praise for God despite literally losing everything he owned and loved. We should ask ourselves, why only praise God when we receive good things but question God when we are suffering. I guess all things happen for a reason and that reason is yet to be revealed to my family. I hope after these trials the family will be stronger.

On the other hand, my application to get a room on campus has been rejected, which brings me to my second option. Off campus accommodation which is gonna cost a bomb. Pray that I get a room before I leave this coming 28th July. Somehow I felt it was unfair for the Student Village to offer to First year students when WE are also considered new students at Murdoch University.

Hmm, what else is there to say, I'm leaving soon, my mom's condition isn't good. Sigh, must I leave with a heavy heart all over again?



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