Thursday, July 12, 2007

All my bags are packed.....almost

Ok, let's see, I've got my Visa, Passport, Ticket....oh yeah, money. I need those greens!!!

2 more weeks till my departure date, I haven't busy packing though. I don't know what else to pack. My on campus accommodation has been rejected hence I've to fork out extra greens just to rent a house along with some friends. I tell you the SV people are nuts, how on earth can they do this to us, they should provide for us international students 1st rather than their pathetic 1st year students, they should at least allocate some for us. Gosh, now I've to wait another 5 months to try to get another room. Oh well....


  • This coming Sunday I will be leaving for a 3 days 2 nights trip to Redang
  • Next Sunday will be my last Sunday
  • Next Sunday will be my Dad's Birthday
  • 3 Sundays in a row....hmmm


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