Saturday, June 02, 2007

My first tagged?

She tagged me!? She tagged me!?!

Tagged: My favourite food

It's difficult to say which is my favourite food, because I eat almost anything, be logical, when I say anything, I meant anything edible. Who knows some idiots might say, "wah, anything, so shit also eat ah". Those phrases are so damn lame. Anyways, I would say my favourite food would be...

1. BBQ Plaza

This is so far the best for me. The juicy tender pork, beef and bacon on the specially designed BBQ pot,pan (whatever you call that thing) served with specially imported sauce from Thailand. So far BBQ plaza can be located at 1 Utama, Bandar Utama and Sunway Pyramid. You have the Supreme Set and Family set and their green tea and chinese tea are free flow. The price is also reasonable. Just recently, Suzanne and I had our lunch at BBQ plaza, 1 Utama, I'm pretty sure the waiter and waitress recognized us already.
Don't forget the soup! It might be slightly difficult to scoop the soup into the bowl, but believe me after BBQ-ing the meats, their juices drops into the soup (hence the specially made pot,pan).
Add in the cabbage and you have yourself a delicious soup.

2. Fried Kuey Tiao

Come on, who wouldn't like Fried Kuey Tiao? This is Malaysia people!?!?! I usually order mine large with extra cockles or "si ham" in chinese ( though they are garbage eaters of the sea). This picture was taking during a breakfast with my relatives at Ipoh, the tasty Fried Kuey Tiao with Ipoh White Coffee, one word, superb!!!

3. Chocolate Fondue

I'm not really a chocolate fan, people who offered me chocolates always find it weird that I don't like them. So let me make myself clear here, I don't HATE chocolate, just that I don't fancy most chocolate that's all. I do eat them once in a while. However, Chocolate fondue is simply heavenly.
There was this restaurant called Fondue House that served Chocolate Fondue, but now.... it's closed down, no idea why. They serve you fruits with liquid chocolate. All you need to do is dip the fruits in the chocolate and feel it explode inside your mouth. I not sure how sex feels like but I guess the feeling is as good as sex. Hmmmm

yeah, I'm having an orgasm

I'm sure I've got much more food to offer such as

Satay, Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Ipoh Nga Choy Kai (Ipoh chicken tauge), Cendol, ABC (Air Batu Campur ) or Ice Kacang, and many more.

Hence my freaky weight of 76KG!!!!

I love food and I'm that darn heavy! Oh well...

I am gonna tag...

1) Lordson
2) Jaslyn
3) Ming Lynn
4) and you who are reading it



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