Friday, June 01, 2007

Lina no Joy

Poor Lina, her appeal to change her religion has once again been denied. Where is freedom of religion? We call ourselves a democratic country yet people like Lina is bounded by the laws of religion. Although man has won this case, God will still have something in His sleeves, I'm sure something good will come out of Lina Joy. In the eyes of man, she may have lost, but in the eyes of God she is already a winner.

I had my medical check up today, and glad I got it over with. Want the details?

Left house at 8:30am, reached KL Central at approximately 9:35am, took cab to Tung Shin Hospital at 9:45-9:50am. Decided to walk to clinic which took us approximately 30 minutes. Had X-ray exam at another clinic before heading back to Chong Clinic for check up. Gave them a "brands essense" of urine for analysis. Realised I weighed at a whooping 76KG. Decided then to lose weight no matter what!
had BBQ plaza at 1Utama (there goes another KG), head home.

That's how I spent my day, awesome isn't it?



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