Sunday, June 10, 2007

How going to Shoots felt like

I had my first shoot experience yesterday (nope, not with guns but with cameras). I had the joy to see how production is like in real life and I only have one word to describe the situation there- hectic hectic and hectic. Gosh, I can't believe I chose this career, though I kinda enjoyed how the people work. My purpose there was basically to observed how production company works, apart from these observations.

I also had a few observations of my own, if you are thinking about girls, then yes you are right! I observed the girls/ladies/aunties who are working in that field. Gosh, some of them are pretty (my standards of course), but what turned me off was their smoking. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PRETTY GIRLS I SAW smoked, a total turn off. I guess this shows how stressful these career can be. Hopefully I won't turn out to be one of them smokers.

As I was saying, hectic lifestyle... I had to wake up at 6AM, reach the office by 7AM, went to 3 different locations for shooting. The first was in an office at Jalan Ampang. The shoot was 2 hours behind schedule and we had to rush to the 2nd location- A school at Sentul. It was nearly lunch time, while the crew did the shoot, I helped myself to the simple but tasty lunch. Oh yeah, this is one thing I enjoyed about shooting, I get free food, free drinks, free chair, free shade, free fan, free R&R. FREE FREE FREE.

However, by the time they finished the shoot at the 2nd location, I had to go home, so when the driver dropped some of the staffs to the last location, he then send one of Naga's worker and I back to Kelana Jaya. By the time I was home, I was so tired that during futsal session, I injured my right knee and my eyes. Oh well.....

Today's the 2nd day of the shoot but I didn't want to go because got church to attend, plus I was damn lazy to go during sundays. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow will be the 3rd day for the commercial shoot. Maybe I'm going, hopefully not. HAHAHA



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure every single one of the girLs smoked? coz as far as I am concern, I DON'T smoke at all..I dislike smokers(no offence to smokers)..just too bad all my colleagues smokes..that basically makes me a 2nd hand smoker.. =( oh well..


3:32 AM  
Blogger Caine said...

haha, those pretty ones i mean =)
even at the agency i worked, they smoke, i just dun get it...

haha dun worry, i ain't a smoker. =)

12:42 AM  

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