Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a "Blue" day

Happy 21st Birthday Lordson you old bum. Not young no more, big boy man, time to show some muscles and charm. Cheers mate.

Imagine that, the only goal by the only striker in Chelsea I despised, Digder DropBa Drogba. I don't mind if Lam Par Lampard scorebut that black idiot!! Seriously potong stim, anyways, I hope England can grab the treble cup for the country. HAHA

EPL Champions- Manchester United

FA Cup Champions- Chelsea

Champions Leage- Liverpool???

That would be 3 top teams, each holding 1 major cup.

Though I wish Chelsea would just shut the FA Cup. Oh well

Kudos to Chelsea for being blue
Kudos to Man United for dethroning the blues.

I shall now go to bed in tears....


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