Monday, May 28, 2007

Devils banned

Such monstrosity, such evil, such stupidity. Manchester United banned from coming to Malaysia. That means, no Ronaldo, no Rooney, no Giggs, No Scholes (but got Scholls), No Van der Sar (definitely no SARs).

I propose we all boycott the Asian Cup finals! let's not watch them!

Actually it doesn't really matter to me, since I won't be in Malaysia during the Asian Cup season. So that means I won't need to endure the Cup which will never be in par with EPL. Thank goodness I can avoid such boredom. Come on, I am pretty sure FIFA and Mohd Hamman (hammer man?) of AFC have just angered millions of Manchester United fans by making such decisions, also I'm pretty sure FIFA and AFC have just eliminated a certain percentage of viewers for the Asian Cup, don't you think so?

Asian Cup? what cup? coffee brand? I see...


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