Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Aren't there any more space on earth?

I have pressured my lecturer to push the university to send my offer letter and this is the 2nd week of May
and I still haven't gotten the letter yet. What are these people doing? I have to do my medical check up,
I have to book my ticket, I need to know how much my fees are. It is very frustrating.


Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel
or better known as SMART is a newly build road tunnel to curb traffic jams within the Kuala Lumpur regions. The road tunnel is approximately 3km and guess what; the toll price is gonna be a bomb.

People, the government spent millions on LRTs and Monorails but people still insist on driving. I hate to say this but we should learn from Japan citizens. Even though the Japanese can drive to work, but majority of them takes the train/monorails/transits to work or school. We as Malaysians have become too lazy, I for one am not exempted. When I was at Tokyo during my 1 week trip, I experienced something I never have or will experience in Malaysia- the experience of walking.

Anyways, back to my main topic for the day; people, are there any more space left on earth? we have SMART being built underground and right now the government are considering drilling more SMARTS below us. Japan already has underground "SMARTS" built in almost every part of the city. I reckon that in the near future, I wouldn't be surprise if Japan will have a city underground. A metropolis city has almost depleted its space on their own country.

Malaysia could probably be one of them soon, who knows? A long time ago, it was meant to be that each family should own one car, but right now, it's each family MEMBER who owns a car. So if one family has 5 members who can drive, you'll see 5 of them owning one car. Now you know why Malaysia has traffic problems. We have too much cars, not to mention the mind blowing fuel price. My family alone has 3 cars, Dad has one, mom has one, bro has one. I decided not to get one because first I won't be around here soon, and secondly I rather borrow family's car should I ever need to drive it. Why waste money on cars? yeah sometimes I do wish I have one of my own. Oh well.

Here's what I have to say about the SMARTS. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing or good thing. If we as Malaysians learn how to use public transport, I'd say that would ease the traffic jams, on the other hand, if the government would take more responsibility in maintaining the public transport, I'd reckon the people would enjoy taking the public transport to work/shopping/school. Don't you think so?



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