Sunday, April 22, 2007

Modem's fried

Title says it all...

I won't be able to be online for the next few days. So yea, if you do catch me online I'll either be

at Starbucks with my laptop or Cyber cafe.



Monday, April 16, 2007

Tokyo Bliss

Tokyo, it was my second destination since my last trip to Singapore. I must have caught the travel bug. I'm still itching to travel. Well, I got back from Tokyo last Friday. The plane touched ground at exactly 7:55pm, that was when I realise we're finally back home and to reality. I can't believe 1 week is over that fast.

When Suzanne and I arrived Tokyo, We felt a lillttle bit chilly and exciting at the same time. The security checks and baggage claim went smoothly. Cousin Yuji and Aunt Nellie was already out the arrival hall waiting for us when we went out and by the time we reach the parking lot, Suzanne and I started to feel the chills. It wasn't the air-con in the airport that was cold, Tokyo was still freezing!!!

The clothes we brought wasn't fit for the weather. I only brought T-shirts and 1 long sleeve shirt. Even the sweater/jacket wasn't warm enough. It was roughly 6pm-ish at Japan and I'm sure most of you know that it's already dark by then. It took us another hour or so to reach our destination of Yashio-Shinagawa, Tokyo, or in short Aunt's apartment. The place is small, but yet cozy. I met up with cousin Naoto and Uncle Higashi. We had a short rebonding since I've never seen them for a long time. Had our dinner and bed time.

I will post more on the trip on my next entry, starting with Sunday.

Until then, cheers.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Greetings from Yashio-Shinagawa, Tokyo

Just a short entry.

It has been freezing the past few days since I have arrived Japan. The 6 hours plus journey was fun ( in the plane). I will report more when I get back. Tiredness already!!! but having loads of fun!!