Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend trip at Singapore - Day 2

outside view from YMCA during day time.

Man, we were so dead tired the night before that we did not hear the phone rang few times. Apparently it was Aunt Helen that called us. We woke up like 9am for the buffet breakfast. To be honest, I wanted to skip breakfast because the bed was to comfortable and I was too tired. Well, we still force our lazy bums out of the bed and into the bathroom, at least we made it in time for breakfast.

I then decided to shoot some candid shots of the Chan brothers, boy I just love candids though nothing embarrassing to show.


After my breakfast, Bryan and I decided to adjourn back to the room because I had an appointment with the toilet bowl. This is why I never eat breakfast! confirm pangsai!

*ahem*, anyways after all that we all went our separate ways. Mick and family took the MRT to Orchard Road, while I headed to City Hall-Raffles Shopping Centre. I was to meet up with my cousin there. Blimey, it was raining the whole day, I couldn't walk outside at all.

I waited for them at the center court of Raffles, I looked like some blur tourist seated down staring blankly at the Singaporeans. Later on, I saw this 2 kids "singing". Yeah, they were "Singing". Well, there were so cute that unknown to them, I was secretly video taping their every movements and I also got a rather awesome shot of the kid posing. The father however was rather amused than angry at his kids.

The future Singapore Idol

Anyway, cousin and her Spanish boyfriend came and we started walking around the shopping complex. We did not do much other than walking around, I felt like a lamp post walking along side the sweet hearts. Oh well...

After that we walked to Suntec City, Marina Square and all of the shopping complexes are linked underground, like some bomb shelter. We had lunch at Mache @ Suntec City, then headed to Marina Square. While I was there, we passed by this shop called Ears, and cousin told me that they sell lots of cheap old music albums as well new albums.

Ears, the used CD depot, cheap old albums

Without hesitation, I walked into the shop to look for Eric Clapton albums, can't get enough of him. In the end , I got myself one Limited Edition 2007 Tour Eric Clapton cd and Micheal Buble's album, all for S$42 +. Can cry la, that's like S$50 gone. Oh well...

After that , I took the cab from the Convention Centre to Changi Airport, and that alone costed me another S$20. By the time I reach the terminal and got my boarding pass, the attendant told me that the plane is boarding NOW!!! I checked the time table and sure enough, it's on LAST CALL status. To make it more frustrating, the gate is located damn far and there were no buggy like vehicle in sight. I ran like a mad man, and pit stop at the currency exchange and then ran again. I managed to reach the gate in time only to find out that the queue at the security checkpoint is freaking long. I was like so pissed, why the hell put LAST CALL when there's like lots of people still in line.

Well, went past the checkpoint, got body checked because the stupid thing-a-ma-jig beeped no thanks to my belt and the extra SING coins I have in my pocket.

I enjoyed sitting the SQ flight (SIA) more than MH flights (MAS). Reason?

  1. The plane's so much more comfortable
  2. The air hostess is 10 times hotter than ours
  3. Every seat has a mini Tv screen
  4. The orange juice they serve is sweeter and it's twice the sweet when it's given to you by the chun air hostess.
Notice the planes lining up? All SQ flights.

Chun chun chun

Inside the plane

Boarded the plane, reached home around 8pm, and back to my usual routine.

Life's good...



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