Thursday, January 11, 2007

Marathon Madness

This is marathon madness for me. Since the internet is having mood swings thanks to mother nature's mood swings. I have nothing to do online but start on the futurama marathon.

5 seasons of Futurama, currently at season 3. I should be done by next week.
Death note has to be put on hold until I'm able to download stuffs again.

When will the torture end!!!!!

I need my downloads!!!!

I gotta download smallville, I gotta download Heroes, I gotta download Death Note, I gotta download Revenge of the Sith.


My mp3s!!!

This is utter madness.

I'm still waiting for the General Manager of the production company to contact me, I've been calling and calling and the only reply I get is wait, I'll call you back. So unreliable.



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