Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Looking back the years

Be prepared, I reckon this is gonna be a long post, with pictures. Neh, I'm just fooling ya, won't be that long. Here goes...

It's January, then it'll be February...

Of all the new years I've celebrated, this is the first time I spent my new year outside and also the first time I did lots of thinking. Being emotional and all during the new year sounds rather normal to anyone, I mean almost everyone I know feels that way.

Well, I guess it's also wise to look back during the year 2006 what I've accomplished and yet to accomplish. Let's see...

  • I officially graduated from KDU with a Diploma in Mass Communication. I couldn't believe it ended thats. Imagine, one moment you're a freshman in college, now you're a diploma graduate and now pursuing a degree. Time really passes us by like water flowing down the drain.

  • We celebrated a few birthdays, Alyssa and lordson's birthday should be the least cleanest birthday we celebrated. Which got me wondering, I must be lucky. So far, all my birthdays have been clean and safe. Alyssa gotten the full body spa package, which includes rubbing of eggs by our very own PBC female masseurs, followed by sprinkling of the flour, and to end it all, a splash of water on the whole body, all these while having her hands tied behind her back. Lordson's package was rather simple, just tie him behind and we all unleash a whole lots of balloon bombs. However this guy was made out of steel, the balloons just won't burst. Oh, he had a full facial too with a splat on the face with a cake.

P/s: Don't think I have Lordson's birthday picture. Oh well...

  • Before mom went for the operation, all the Yong sisters came back and we all had a reunion of some sort. I got to catch up with my cousins from the States, we hardly meet though, so it was a good thing. They stayed till mom had the operation. Imagine, 3 years ago, when I found out mom had cancer, I was so devastated, I had no one to talk to, I wandered around college aimlessly, sat in class like some dumb jerk. But now, I guess it's pretty much pointless I cry over that problem, it's like I'm sitting down waiting for that time bomb to explode, it won't go away. Yet, each time I asked God, why must it be this family, why mom, why must she suffer? I even wished that I could bear that pain instead of her. Well, somethings are best left unanswered.
  • I remember I paid RM50 for the AVangelism workshop. Well, it was sort of related to what I'm doing for my course. Why AVangelism? AV = Audio Visual, "vangelism"= evangelism. So, put it together it's AVangelism. Wow, I mentioned Avangelism 4 times. Anyways, yeah in short it's sharing the Word with AV. What we learned was how to shoot a short film, and how to create a good powerpoint presentation. Well, it was worth the money.

  • We had our very first youth camp and Sufes Campsite. It was one of the best time I had during year 2006. If I could go back in time to experience it all over again, I would. The "war" among the teams, the stream trotting. The moments spent with God, I sure missed it. Sigh, will I be here when they organise another camp again.

  • Went Langkawi trip with Suzanne, Mick, Nicholas and his friends, Jin and Kok Seng. Couldn't enjoy much because a certain individual was sick and required constant attention, but we're grateful for Suzanne to have gone through so much trouble to organise the trip. We went Island hoping, bought chocolates, and laughed our butts off while playing Uno.

  • Finally, Christmas 2006, possible the last Christmas I'll be celebrating in Malaysia for now. Youths decided to do something different this year. In fact, this year, the men took charge of performances. The men sang, I did a song item as well, and the youths performed this Stomp, I guess the only word I can think of was different. Yeah, instead of singing, drama, we STOMPED our hearts out for God.

Well there are definitely lots more I could say, but it would take me a whole day to remember and to write. Life's gonna be different for me this year, I'm now looking for a part-time job, friends are flying off to study, I'll probably head to Perth as well. Lots to expect ahead, hopefully I could walk through this path.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to post this up. Take a look at this picture, let me know if you can spot the image of Jesus Christ.

Took me nearly 10 years to finally figure it out. But yeah, I found it!

So yeah, that's about it...here's a few more for fun...

The Location for our photo exhibition

Can't remember what were we doing there

don't ask...



Blogger Emmie said...

well u got pretty interesting pictures here... seems u had a very nice time hanging out with your friends... and best of luck for your college days.... hope u will have lots of new friends here.... on that note do drop by My Friendship blog sometime & let me know what u think..!!!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Caine said...

I do hope so too...

1:53 AM  

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