Monday, January 08, 2007

A closure to this blog?

I used to think that I could blog to gain publicity, but that was just a dream. I realized that it's rather stupid to blog for such purpose.

Then I thought I turned my blog into a place where I share my photos to everyone, but then I come to realized how super lazy I was to photo-edit the pictures and post them.

In the end I decided to blog for myself, a place where I share my pain, my suffering , my frustrations. It wouldn't matter if someone reads or not. Maybe they do read, but don't comment?

Maybe they read it but find it so darn boring. I know my contents are rather boring. Unlike other bloggers such as Lordson and Dewgem, they have the ideas, I don't. I merely blog for my own satisfaction.

However there are times I hope someone reads and do comment , so I would know that I have one or two who knows what I'm going through. But then I thought, it does not matter anymore. If no one reads, it's fine. I treat this blog as if it's my own diary, only difference is that this diary is made known to everyone to see, people I know, hypocrites, dumb anonymous(es) and strangers. But well, the good thing bout the new changes to blogspot is, I get to moderate all comments in both comments box and shoutbox.

But lately, I've been rather tired of pouring out my feelings here. I feel like I'm talking to the wall, I've been thinking of closing it down, and probably start my life anew in another blog. One where no one will know I exists. Maybe , just maybe I could feel better that way....



Blogger lordson said...

hmm... can't help wondering, but i guess if you want people to comment right, er. maybe make it not so dark? haha. no seriously. people hardly comments on super serious stuff.. words hard to come out ma.. but rest assured got at least a few readers reading! cheers!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Caine said...

well, the subjects also must be interesting right?

anyhows sort of given up expecting comments by anyone already. =)

11:30 PM  

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