Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A thought

I was just browsing through my Friendster's friend list and I saw this quote by Kenny Sia.

Quoted from Kennysia...

How cool is it that in Friendster, we can simply 'Add
Friends', 'Edit Friends', 'Delete Friends'? Wish you could
do that in real life.

That got me thinking, if ever reality were like Friendster, I would be able to add friends who I think would even treat me as a friend , or just delete them from the face of the earth. Wouldn't that be fun?

Oh well, I would like to wish two childhood friends of mine, Sharon and Esther all the best. I hope you girls will have a great time there. I'll see you all whenever we have the chance. Until then, au revoir...


Saturday, January 27, 2007


Nothing much, still looking for job.

Just got turned down by another production company. Rather pissed off at the producer's reply, but don't really give a crap about it.

pop my shiny metal butt stupid producer.

Still deciding... oh well

Just a gentle whisper
Told me that you've gone
Leaving only memories
Where did we go wrong?
I couldn't find the words then
So let me say them now
I'm still in love with you

Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you care
Tell me that you need me
And I'll be there
I'll be there waiting

I will always love you
I will always stay true
There's no one who loves you like I do
Come to me now
I will never leave you
I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad
I will stand true
I'm in love with you

Now we're here together
Yesterday has past
Life is just beginning
Close to you at last
And I promise to you
I will always be there
I give my all to you

Living life without you
Is more than I can bear
Hold me close forever
I'll be there....
I'll be there for you

I will always love you
I will always stay true
There's no one who loves you like I do
This I promise...

I will never leave you
I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad
I will stand true Hold me closer...
Our love is forever holding us together
Nothing in this world can stop us now
Love has found love has found a way

I'm in love I'm in love
Yes I'm in love so in love
I'm in love with you

Looking for this song...


Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend trip at Singapore - Day 2

outside view from YMCA during day time.

Man, we were so dead tired the night before that we did not hear the phone rang few times. Apparently it was Aunt Helen that called us. We woke up like 9am for the buffet breakfast. To be honest, I wanted to skip breakfast because the bed was to comfortable and I was too tired. Well, we still force our lazy bums out of the bed and into the bathroom, at least we made it in time for breakfast.

I then decided to shoot some candid shots of the Chan brothers, boy I just love candids though nothing embarrassing to show.


After my breakfast, Bryan and I decided to adjourn back to the room because I had an appointment with the toilet bowl. This is why I never eat breakfast! confirm pangsai!

*ahem*, anyways after all that we all went our separate ways. Mick and family took the MRT to Orchard Road, while I headed to City Hall-Raffles Shopping Centre. I was to meet up with my cousin there. Blimey, it was raining the whole day, I couldn't walk outside at all.

I waited for them at the center court of Raffles, I looked like some blur tourist seated down staring blankly at the Singaporeans. Later on, I saw this 2 kids "singing". Yeah, they were "Singing". Well, there were so cute that unknown to them, I was secretly video taping their every movements and I also got a rather awesome shot of the kid posing. The father however was rather amused than angry at his kids.

The future Singapore Idol

Anyway, cousin and her Spanish boyfriend came and we started walking around the shopping complex. We did not do much other than walking around, I felt like a lamp post walking along side the sweet hearts. Oh well...

After that we walked to Suntec City, Marina Square and all of the shopping complexes are linked underground, like some bomb shelter. We had lunch at Mache @ Suntec City, then headed to Marina Square. While I was there, we passed by this shop called Ears, and cousin told me that they sell lots of cheap old music albums as well new albums.

Ears, the used CD depot, cheap old albums

Without hesitation, I walked into the shop to look for Eric Clapton albums, can't get enough of him. In the end , I got myself one Limited Edition 2007 Tour Eric Clapton cd and Micheal Buble's album, all for S$42 +. Can cry la, that's like S$50 gone. Oh well...

After that , I took the cab from the Convention Centre to Changi Airport, and that alone costed me another S$20. By the time I reach the terminal and got my boarding pass, the attendant told me that the plane is boarding NOW!!! I checked the time table and sure enough, it's on LAST CALL status. To make it more frustrating, the gate is located damn far and there were no buggy like vehicle in sight. I ran like a mad man, and pit stop at the currency exchange and then ran again. I managed to reach the gate in time only to find out that the queue at the security checkpoint is freaking long. I was like so pissed, why the hell put LAST CALL when there's like lots of people still in line.

Well, went past the checkpoint, got body checked because the stupid thing-a-ma-jig beeped no thanks to my belt and the extra SING coins I have in my pocket.

I enjoyed sitting the SQ flight (SIA) more than MH flights (MAS). Reason?

  1. The plane's so much more comfortable
  2. The air hostess is 10 times hotter than ours
  3. Every seat has a mini Tv screen
  4. The orange juice they serve is sweeter and it's twice the sweet when it's given to you by the chun air hostess.
Notice the planes lining up? All SQ flights.

Chun chun chun

Inside the plane

Boarded the plane, reached home around 8pm, and back to my usual routine.

Life's good...


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weekend trip at Singapore- Day 1

The trip at Singapore was a blast, the concert was worth every single cent spent. Singapore is one expensive place to visit because the price are double the Malaysian Ringgit.


I woke up at around 6am to pack my clothes, I didn't bother packing the night before because it was only a 2 day 1 night trip so I thought I wouldn't need much clothes. Frankly speaking, this is my first time traveling by plane all by myself, sounds kinda lame huh?
So well, I left the house at approximately 8:15am, reaching Taman Bahagia LRT Station at round 8:40am. Well, instead of asking Ean to drop me of at KLIA, I decided to take the KLIA Express train there, the only downside is, it costs me RM35.00 for just one trip.

KLIA Express train-28 minutes to KLIA for only RM35.00

But it saves time, instead of 45minutes trip to the airport by road, it only took me 28minutes to reach the airport. I took the shuttle service to Singapore, it is on first come first serve basis. I had to grab the number so I could take the 12pm flight to Singapore. By the time I got the boarding pass, I then proceed to go to the gate only to find out the darn plane is still somewhere in the sky.
The plane's in the air

Flight delayed for 15minutes ni... ok la, not that bad la. So well, reached Singapre at approximately 1:32pm. But by the time I finish the check up and everything, it's nearly 2pm. Took the cab to meet Mick and family at YMCA, Orchard Road. Nothing much done till concert, took the MRT to Orchard Road, bum around and then took the Lexus Cab to SIS-Singapore Indoor Stadium. The concert was delayed for another 10 minutes or so, but it was worth the wait. He played two of my favourite songs- Wonderful Tonight and Layla. I was hoping he would perform Tears in Heaven. But oh well, it was good. Alot of solos, the acoustic was great too. Next stop, Bangkok for him. If I can afford, I'd go again.

Before the concert

The most expensive seats, and still empty.

Eric Clapton in action, pardon the noise. I forgot to borrow the telephoto lens.

The aftermath of the concert

Eric Clapton is still the best, he still has the voice at his age. What can you expect from him, nothing but the best. I have no regrets attending the concert. After the concert, we began to walk to the Kallang MRT station, only to realise that we got lost. After that, we decided to take the bus to Orchard Road and then plan to walk back to YMCA. However , the bus dropped us directly in front of the building.

The reception

We met up with my cousin Maryanne, who spent me late late dinner. After dinner, we decided to check out her apartment. The view from her apartment is nice at night.

Cousin's apartment view from 11th floor.

We then proceed to head back to YMCA, we got lost again, retraced out steps and found our way back.

outside view from YMCA during night time.

Bath and headed for bed, was too sleepy to stay up late.

I'm sleeping in that corner (the arrow)

mick's bed

My bed

Bryan and Ian's Bed

The lovely bathroom.
End of day 1.

To be continued...


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back Home

Sigh, just got back home, so tired, still suffering from the post air flight sickness, headache.

Concert was great, will post the pictures later.

God, please just let me die!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

AdiĆ³s people

Apparently the return tickets cost RM700++

Hole in pocket just gotten bigger. Oh well, I'll be off for the weekend. I'll try to update when I get back.



Thursday, January 11, 2007

Singapore, here I come

It's here, it's finally here.

Behold, the ticket that confirms a seat for me to watch Eric Clapton live in Singapore.
I'll be flying to Singapore this weekend to catch the once in a lifetime concert featuring the man himself with his band. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! I know, I know!

I'm ready, I'm ready, for the concert!

Anyways, the ticket is the cheapest we can get. S$87.00, which after converting cost me a whooping RM210.00. My brains just went splat!
Wait, that's not all, the shuttle service tickets costs me another whooping RM301.00 and that's for ONE WAY!!!

So that's RM602.00 for TWO WAYS!!!

When I add it up, the total amount spent for this weekend is RM812.00!!

Aye Caramba, there goes my dream of having a 2GB Ipod nano and my Ang paus and my trip to Japan.

Oh well, I haven't even included the meal and taxi fares, unless the Chan(s) are able to pick me up from the airport.

So yeah,

Singapore, here I come..........


Marathon Madness

This is marathon madness for me. Since the internet is having mood swings thanks to mother nature's mood swings. I have nothing to do online but start on the futurama marathon.

5 seasons of Futurama, currently at season 3. I should be done by next week.
Death note has to be put on hold until I'm able to download stuffs again.

When will the torture end!!!!!

I need my downloads!!!!

I gotta download smallville, I gotta download Heroes, I gotta download Death Note, I gotta download Revenge of the Sith.


My mp3s!!!

This is utter madness.

I'm still waiting for the General Manager of the production company to contact me, I've been calling and calling and the only reply I get is wait, I'll call you back. So unreliable.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Looking back the years

Be prepared, I reckon this is gonna be a long post, with pictures. Neh, I'm just fooling ya, won't be that long. Here goes...

It's January, then it'll be February...

Of all the new years I've celebrated, this is the first time I spent my new year outside and also the first time I did lots of thinking. Being emotional and all during the new year sounds rather normal to anyone, I mean almost everyone I know feels that way.

Well, I guess it's also wise to look back during the year 2006 what I've accomplished and yet to accomplish. Let's see...

  • I officially graduated from KDU with a Diploma in Mass Communication. I couldn't believe it ended thats. Imagine, one moment you're a freshman in college, now you're a diploma graduate and now pursuing a degree. Time really passes us by like water flowing down the drain.

  • We celebrated a few birthdays, Alyssa and lordson's birthday should be the least cleanest birthday we celebrated. Which got me wondering, I must be lucky. So far, all my birthdays have been clean and safe. Alyssa gotten the full body spa package, which includes rubbing of eggs by our very own PBC female masseurs, followed by sprinkling of the flour, and to end it all, a splash of water on the whole body, all these while having her hands tied behind her back. Lordson's package was rather simple, just tie him behind and we all unleash a whole lots of balloon bombs. However this guy was made out of steel, the balloons just won't burst. Oh, he had a full facial too with a splat on the face with a cake.

P/s: Don't think I have Lordson's birthday picture. Oh well...

  • Before mom went for the operation, all the Yong sisters came back and we all had a reunion of some sort. I got to catch up with my cousins from the States, we hardly meet though, so it was a good thing. They stayed till mom had the operation. Imagine, 3 years ago, when I found out mom had cancer, I was so devastated, I had no one to talk to, I wandered around college aimlessly, sat in class like some dumb jerk. But now, I guess it's pretty much pointless I cry over that problem, it's like I'm sitting down waiting for that time bomb to explode, it won't go away. Yet, each time I asked God, why must it be this family, why mom, why must she suffer? I even wished that I could bear that pain instead of her. Well, somethings are best left unanswered.
  • I remember I paid RM50 for the AVangelism workshop. Well, it was sort of related to what I'm doing for my course. Why AVangelism? AV = Audio Visual, "vangelism"= evangelism. So, put it together it's AVangelism. Wow, I mentioned Avangelism 4 times. Anyways, yeah in short it's sharing the Word with AV. What we learned was how to shoot a short film, and how to create a good powerpoint presentation. Well, it was worth the money.

  • We had our very first youth camp and Sufes Campsite. It was one of the best time I had during year 2006. If I could go back in time to experience it all over again, I would. The "war" among the teams, the stream trotting. The moments spent with God, I sure missed it. Sigh, will I be here when they organise another camp again.

  • Went Langkawi trip with Suzanne, Mick, Nicholas and his friends, Jin and Kok Seng. Couldn't enjoy much because a certain individual was sick and required constant attention, but we're grateful for Suzanne to have gone through so much trouble to organise the trip. We went Island hoping, bought chocolates, and laughed our butts off while playing Uno.

  • Finally, Christmas 2006, possible the last Christmas I'll be celebrating in Malaysia for now. Youths decided to do something different this year. In fact, this year, the men took charge of performances. The men sang, I did a song item as well, and the youths performed this Stomp, I guess the only word I can think of was different. Yeah, instead of singing, drama, we STOMPED our hearts out for God.

Well there are definitely lots more I could say, but it would take me a whole day to remember and to write. Life's gonna be different for me this year, I'm now looking for a part-time job, friends are flying off to study, I'll probably head to Perth as well. Lots to expect ahead, hopefully I could walk through this path.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to post this up. Take a look at this picture, let me know if you can spot the image of Jesus Christ.

Took me nearly 10 years to finally figure it out. But yeah, I found it!

So yeah, that's about's a few more for fun...

The Location for our photo exhibition

Can't remember what were we doing there

don't ask...


Monday, January 08, 2007

A closure to this blog?

I used to think that I could blog to gain publicity, but that was just a dream. I realized that it's rather stupid to blog for such purpose.

Then I thought I turned my blog into a place where I share my photos to everyone, but then I come to realized how super lazy I was to photo-edit the pictures and post them.

In the end I decided to blog for myself, a place where I share my pain, my suffering , my frustrations. It wouldn't matter if someone reads or not. Maybe they do read, but don't comment?

Maybe they read it but find it so darn boring. I know my contents are rather boring. Unlike other bloggers such as Lordson and Dewgem, they have the ideas, I don't. I merely blog for my own satisfaction.

However there are times I hope someone reads and do comment , so I would know that I have one or two who knows what I'm going through. But then I thought, it does not matter anymore. If no one reads, it's fine. I treat this blog as if it's my own diary, only difference is that this diary is made known to everyone to see, people I know, hypocrites, dumb anonymous(es) and strangers. But well, the good thing bout the new changes to blogspot is, I get to moderate all comments in both comments box and shoutbox.

But lately, I've been rather tired of pouring out my feelings here. I feel like I'm talking to the wall, I've been thinking of closing it down, and probably start my life anew in another blog. One where no one will know I exists. Maybe , just maybe I could feel better that way....


Saturday, January 06, 2007

What if...

After reading Lordson asking himself what if he was as nice as his sister, I thought I'd come up with one.

What if Caine does not exist...

Imagine if I were to cease to exist, my dad would be much happier, mom wouldn't be in so much stress, Ean would be the perfect son and Julia the perfect daughter.

If I were non-existence, my family would be living in much better house with a much better environment. There won't be so much arguments with me around.

If I were non-existence, Lordson and Mick would have been the best-est of pals. Lordson and I wouldn't have that argument 2 years back.

If I were non-existence, Suzanne would have been happier. Sharon, Priscilla, Dewgem, Esther & Anna would have one less annoying guy to put up with.

If I were non-existence, there would be one less sinner in this world. My ex school mates wouldn't be talking behind my back.

If I were non-existence, I wouldn't be feeling what I am feeling right now, everyone's life would be so much better.

If I were non-existence, that dumb jerko ol' anonymous who has been cowering him/her-self in my chat box would realize that he/she is talking to him/her-self.

If I were non-existence, I guess good ol' Lordson would be in a relationship right now ( No pun intended).

Yeah, so here's my rendition of what if.... However there's nothing I can do or say, I'm only human after all. My life is not mine to control, but funny thing is we are given free will to do what we want with our lives.

This new year isn't what I expected it to be. I never attend any stupid countdowns, because in the end it's beer, dancing, and watch those stupid fireworks for who knows how long. I just realized that this is my last Christmas, my last new year, my last Chinese New Year, my last birthday here in Malaysia. My current plan is that I won't come back for the holidays, but I probably hunt for an apartment or probably alias with the Michael dawson and the other Craigy youths, hopefully one of them would be kind enough to provide me lodging for that period of holiday.

I've been doing lots of thinking lately, some people have been telling me things, yeah...
I guess most of you are right when you said I'm running away from everything.
Seriously I wish I could just wish this life away, I wish I could solve those problems. But somethings are best left alone. So this is why this is my decision, this is what I want to do, immature as it may sound, maybe I just don't want to grow up?
I know it's time I think about my future, I did thought about it, in fact I've been in so much dilemma. My choice of career isn't a 9-5 job, and it's not a job where I can easily find. There are times I wonder whether I've made the right choice.

I've already reach my limits of my frustrations, emo-ness and all, I am this close to shouting out my frustrations! I've also faced death 3 times and survived, won't elaborate on that though.

I just started on this book by Joyce Meyer, it's called Battlefield of the Mind for teens. I just realized I'm no longer a teen. But it's ok, can still read.

Hopefully I can push myself to finish this book. I still have two more books on hold- The Bondage Breaker, Youth edition & Dirty Faith-

I guess I should start to learn how to really sit down and read a book. I mean, I know how to read, just that I never pushed myself to finish the book. So far the only books I've finished reading was, Star Wars Jedi Apprentice, and Satan's Last Storm.

Mom told me that Battlefield of the Mind is a good book, so I thought I give it a shot. Who knows I can really finish the book.

These are the two books I currently put on hold. Bondage Breaker (different cover though) and dirty faith.

Check them out whenever you can...

"Where love takes you in and everything changes
A miracle starts with the beat of a heart
When love takes you home and says you belong here
The loneliness ends and a new life begins
When love takes you in"
Steven Curtis Chapman


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

AYA Festival 2007

AYA Fest just around the corner...

Anyone up for it?

for more info

all you need is to get your fingers and start clicking !

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year to all

It's a new year I hoped would not come.
It's a new year I hoped would delay.

I guess we have to face reality, the fact is we're all humans. Nothing but God made humans and nothing more.


Back from the land of many legends. Hopefully I can get the pictures up and ready. I've got lots to resize. Spent a bomb there, bought few stuffs.
Gotta prepare for Perth d....