Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The story of a man in pain

He thinks to himself, wondering whether he is that worthless, useless. Why does he seems to feel that he is being despised. He used to think that he does not deserve to be born in this world. Everyday he lives a life of pain and suffering. He wished he could just wish those pain away, but in reality he couldn't because like everyone else, he was only human. He cried to God hoping that He would take away his pain, suffering and depression he has been keeping inside him, but somehow all pleas and cries were answered with silence.

"Why fate has put me in such situation!WHY!WHY!" He cried out as loud as could, crying lonely inside his shattered heart. He has spent those years, walking upon that lonely path, hoping he could find someone who could give him the answers and comfort that he seeks. He searched everywhere, oceans to oceans, city to city, country to country... he thought he had found that perfect one. But he was greatly mistaken, thinking that he had found the answers only to be led further beyond the lonely path.

Time was running out for him. " It is now or never" he said. All that he hoped to be was never meant to be. He had to think fast of ways to release that pain inside him. He tried every method known. He only has but one left before time ran out on him.

How silently he wept alone, without anyone knowing how he really felt. If only....

Caine Browne Chan

I'm leaving for Langkawi tonight, won't be back for another 3 days. Will post the pictures when I get back. Till then, have a blessed day.



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