Monday, August 28, 2006

A day of celebration

Saturday 26th August 2006

Well, what do you know, 2 years 4 months have finally paid off. It was a joyful moment for all of us Diploma in Mass Communications students. I am proud and glad to say it loudly:-


I can't believe it. It's finally here, the moment we've all been waiting for, the convocation for Graduates of 2006. It was an awesome day for us. After our hard work and long hours of stress, we are able to don the robe and walk on the stage proudly and receive the hard earned diploma certificate. I must say I quite happy myself. However, Diploma holders do not have the mortar board ( the big squarish flat thingy graduates wear on their head). Well, I went to college quite early as we need to learn how to wear the robe. Believe me, wearing the black robe is easy, but that yellow grayish thing-a-ma-jig is so freaking confusing. So yeah, the lecturers helped us with the robe. Then when the time comes we all adjourned to the auditorium. It was so packed, and the atmosphere was so hot. I was literally sweating like mad. Imagine wearing long sleeve shirt, tie, and the robe... It's not winter here you know?

Well, then we "marched" into the auditorium, stood there until all graduates entered, sang the Negaraku anthem, sat, listened to the usual speeches, then we get our certs.
I guess we Mass Communication students will forever be the one to break the rules. After we all took our certs, the last Mass Comm. Graduate was a disabled person-Stephanie. Well, she can be considered our VIP for Mass Comm. She overcomed all obstacles to achieve and be where she is today, so instead of us getting the certs and quietly walk down the stage, all of us gang up and walk back up the stage, showed our butts to the VIP's (the owner of KDU College,principal,and professors from overseas unversities). yeah man, we showed our butts at them, and shouted we did it.. ah basically we just acted like idiots. Our lecturer cried, she was overjoyed. I was close to crying as well, we did her proud did we?

Yeap, there's us and the VIPs behind us

man were we crazy

After that photo sessions, yada yada yada...then balik...

I think I'll let the photos do the talking, like that say:

"Pictures are worth a thousand words."

Trying to get the robe on

Notice the yellow grayish thing-a-ma-jig? annoying isn't it?

(L-R front): Carol, Celina
(L-R back): Peggy, Noel, Alicia, Nick, Khong, yours truly, Sam

erm, don't ask

Peggy and I, please tell me she's chun. We look like brother and sister =(

Diploma in Mass Communication graduates of 2006

Candid shots

Hand made by Suzanne, priceless


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