Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pride & Anger

They were right, if he and I were pulled out of the team, it'll be....

I did not want it to be like this, why can't things be like how it was 6 years back?
the time where we were as bonded like no other, where we were laughing over the silly-est things,
where we would share the joy, where we would talk and talk....

It takes one person to initiate a movement before other party follows the movement. If no one takes the lead, nothing will ever happen. Some people are shy, some people feel they can't do it. I wish I could be the one to take the lead, I tried... but fail...tried again...but fail... until one day, I've given up trying. Why bother trying to bring back that, which has been gone for 6 years.

They talk about being unfair to others. What about me? Isn't it unfair to me? I've done it most of the time, without asking why, without giving reasons to neglet... I should be asking that question...

"isn't it unfair for me?"

Well, until things are put back in order, issues resolved...
until I've found the road back to the right track...
only until then I will give my answer.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but please don't talk about being unfair to others when I should be the one asking that.

Yes , I may have gone overboard
Yes, this statement will, I repeat WILL offend certain people, until I resolve issues...
people will have to deal with what's ahead.
Like every Christian says: " TRUST IN THE LORD, HE WILL PROVIDE"
well, if you really have the faith, I'm sure He will supply.


Blessed Birthday to the hero of my life,

My Father.

One year older means one year wiser and one year more white hair..HAHA (oops he better not read this)

God bless you daddy...

I know I have not been the son you hoped to be.
Sometimes I feel you adore your second son more than me,
but deep down I still know you still love me.
I hope you enjoy this day, because it's going away.
until another year, Blessed birthday Daddy dear.



Blogger Suzanne said...

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1:40 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

First, of course things can't turn back like 6 years ago, we have to grow up for sure. Everyone have the next phase of life to step on, we are no longer the innocent small kid like we used to be like before. As we are now older we learned that there are more responsibilities places on us which means more things to worry about. Some already had their family, their main pirioty is there and we stepping on the next phase of University life having much assignments and exams to worry about, through this do you still have fun like years ago?

Things change over time and you have to face it no matter what. We are no longer small kid, we cant sit there and have so much fun anymore. You don't bring back the past, but look into a brighter future where things are yet to come.

Don't count about unfairness when you are doing things to worship God. The problem may arises from another individual but this should be called responsibilities of one instead of unfairness.Yea...

Remember someone just said this today? "Just do your best in what you're doing right now." No matter what you're still his son. There are no parents that do not love their sons or daugthers. Yes your bro may seems better as he'll be taking over but NO to take youself to be compare to him. You are you, and he is he. Both of you are born different, I can't force u to draw if u don't have the interest right? You have your own talents on other things that he don't have and so do the opposite way.That's why do not compare and look down on yourself. I believe that nothing is greater than the hope of seeing his own son growing up from a baby until succeeding in his life. Therefore, I guess you've never let him down before.

I'm like writing stories LOL.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Caine said...

too long....
but i catch your drift

thanks =)

12:56 AM  
Blogger Ang Gu Gu said...

lol..2 long but catch the drift =)

nice blog caine..take care

1:24 AM  

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