Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blogger's blockage

my eSigh, I've never been able to blog nowadays due to many reasons:-

:: Too much late nights ::

:: Too much world cup fever ::

:: Too much coughing ::

:: Too much boredom ::

but mostly due to the world cup fever...

Well, this year's world cup has been both exciting and dissapointing.

Exciting because it's world cup for goodness sake?
Dissapoiting because teams you support are all out of the competition. Funny though, when you want Brazil to win, they lose. When you think England's got good chance to enter finals, you get Owen injured, Lampared Jinx, Rooney Red carded....

Well , Hard to say now who'll be in the finals since Italy beaten Gearmany 2-0 at the last minute of Extra time... It was by far in my opinion the best match I've witness so far. Why? it's because both team fought valiantly to get the ball behind the net. I must say I was hoping it would end up with Penalty shoot-out as Germany is one of the top country who rarely fails to win the shoot- out. Same goes to Italy, they have top class keeper.

Oh well....

I'm tired...

It's 7:35AM and I haven't slept at all....


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