Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pride & Anger

They were right, if he and I were pulled out of the team, it'll be....

I did not want it to be like this, why can't things be like how it was 6 years back?
the time where we were as bonded like no other, where we were laughing over the silly-est things,
where we would share the joy, where we would talk and talk....

It takes one person to initiate a movement before other party follows the movement. If no one takes the lead, nothing will ever happen. Some people are shy, some people feel they can't do it. I wish I could be the one to take the lead, I tried... but fail...tried again...but fail... until one day, I've given up trying. Why bother trying to bring back that, which has been gone for 6 years.

They talk about being unfair to others. What about me? Isn't it unfair to me? I've done it most of the time, without asking why, without giving reasons to neglet... I should be asking that question...

"isn't it unfair for me?"

Well, until things are put back in order, issues resolved...
until I've found the road back to the right track...
only until then I will give my answer.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but please don't talk about being unfair to others when I should be the one asking that.

Yes , I may have gone overboard
Yes, this statement will, I repeat WILL offend certain people, until I resolve issues...
people will have to deal with what's ahead.
Like every Christian says: " TRUST IN THE LORD, HE WILL PROVIDE"
well, if you really have the faith, I'm sure He will supply.


Blessed Birthday to the hero of my life,

My Father.

One year older means one year wiser and one year more white hair..HAHA (oops he better not read this)

God bless you daddy...

I know I have not been the son you hoped to be.
Sometimes I feel you adore your second son more than me,
but deep down I still know you still love me.
I hope you enjoy this day, because it's going away.
until another year, Blessed birthday Daddy dear.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Wednesday 19th July 2006

Let's see if I can recall the trip...
I slept at around 5am and woke up at 6:15am because I had to be at the LRT station at 8am. Sound studid right? I had no choice. Bloody Transport minister until now delay the repairs of MRR2. So each morning the traffic jam are so damn hectic that you can make milo, and toast in the car, read newspaper and still the traffic moves slower than snail.
Anyway, by the time I reach LRT it was 7:30a.m. So since I haven't had my breakfast, I decided to walk to a mamak stall for some nasi lemak. Nothing beats the original nasi lemak- half bowl of rice, sambal with ikan bilis and groundnuts and a slice of hard boil egg, to top it all, a lovely hot cup of Teh Tarik. Heavenly...

Well by the time we reach Genting it was nearly 10am or so... Thankfully there were rooms available so we manage to check into our rooms. Which means I don't need to carry my beg everywhere or leave it at the bell counter, never trust bellboys.

After that, went buy All park ticket-outdoor and indoor First World.
Bloody rained, went back hotel to sleep, then bloody rain stopped
to screwed to go back down and play so wasted money for the stupid theme park tickets and to make it worst, i bloody did not get the chance to sit space shot!!! argh!! %*!!*$!*@@*!*!!

Oh well....

Had dinner at Pizza hut, and guess what I saw? one bloody family ordered McDonalds and ate inside Pizza Hut? WHat the hell??
Uneducated bunch of saudi arabians....hate them...


Nothing much to do, practically slept, went breakfast, slept, watch movie, slept....oh, sat flying coaster as well
Oh yeah, I got my face painted by suzanne while I sleep...crap!!!!


Woke up, breakfast, slept, check out, get bus ticket, go home, sleep again....

Sucks right???

Nothing up on Saturday...

Sunday was not that bad...

The children, their parents and a few of us the youths, went on a trip to the Port to visit Servent... yeah you heard me, Mv Doulos has returned after many months/years/centuries/millennium of voyage around the globe. The book fair was packed but I got myself a set of Chronicles of Narnia series, a magic tricks book and songbook =)
We were there early because of the children's programme. Unfortunately due to some poor communication , we couldn't enter the ship because of what? no ticket....
Oh well, Uncle James made few phone calls and we manage to get the VIP tickets into the ship while other ding dongs had to line up..bwahahah I'm so eeeeviiiiiiilllll...

Oh well, great experience...
Maybe after I finish Degree, I could go volunteer myself aboard Doulos for let's say..6months?
or less? if can go 2 years also not bad la..haha see how!
Started Degree...

Time to close the door on holidays and open the books

There's nothing in the place I called sanctuary worth going to...
I have decided...

I'm leaving...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Caine is Fed up

I'm fed up of this place
I'm fed up of this friends
I'm fed up of this body
I'm fed up of this life

I'm outta here....

Tomorrow going Gentings for 3 days,

Degree officially starts on the 24th July 2006
Will be suffering then...


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Drowned in anger and confusion

I was called it Sanctuary
I was called it home
I was called it a place where I could have fun...


There is nothing left for me in that place but anger and confusions...

Should I step down?
Should I go?
Should I leave this place I once known?

on a much brighter note...

Darth Vader vs Japanese Police, who do you think will win?

To find out the answer, watch this

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


直到愛消失 你才懂得 去珍惜身邊每個
美好風景 只是他早已離去
直到你想通 他早已經 不再對你留戀
最後的你 開始了一段掙扎

你那麼愛他 為什麼不把他留下
你深愛他 這是每個人都知道啊
你那麼愛他 為什麼不把她留下
所以你不想再讓自己 無法自拔

直到愛消失 你才懂得 去珍惜身邊每個
美好風景 只是他早已離去
直到你想通 他早已經 不再對你留戀
最後的你 開始了一段掙扎

你那麼愛他 為什麼不把他留下
你深愛他 這是每個人都知道啊
你那麼愛他 為什麼不把她留下
所以你不想再讓自己 無法自拔

你那麼愛他 為什麼不把他留下
你深愛他 這是每個人都知道啊
你那麼愛他 為什麼不把她留下
所以你不想再讓自己 無法自拔

Now it's 2:30am, I'll be heading for Karaoke at Redbox The Curve from 11am-2pm.
It's the first time some of the youths and I are going Sing K..HAHA


Tuesday, July 11, 2006




我們不會心灰意冷 我們會給自己掌聲
我不是你想像的笨 我也有我自己的門
其實你不是不能 只是你肯不肯
給自己多一個機會 因為我們都是有用的人

France lost
Italy Won
enough said....

Zidane head butt
Materazzi stupid idiot
enough siad....

Who does not want to be smart people

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quoted from a movie


guess which movie was it from..though I used my name ..haha

Friday, July 07, 2006

A worthless race

Church was a place I used to call sanctuary,
Faith was something I held on,
Prayer was something I desired to do,
Worship was something I had the passion for,
God was someone I longed to see...

Right now, all I feel is:-

emptiness in my heart...
emptiness in my soul...

A friend once told me,

You fall and you turn back
You fall and you turn back
You fall and you turn back,
You're like going in circles...

This sort of comfirms my spiritual status in my Christian life...

~~ ~~


France vs Italy

I rooting for France... Though I have a feeling Italy is not a team to be taken lightly, I'm sure this year's World Cup Final will be very very interesting.

Germany vs Portugal

I rooting for Germany... Hell I'll root for Portugal, they were the cause of England's team being out of the game.

2 months of my break is coming to an end in 2 weeks, and I will officially start my life as a Degree student. Many thoughts are still running through my mind.

:: What if I fail? ::

:: What if I can't take the pressure? ::

:: What if this? what if that? ::

Oh well, I just have to go along this road and see where it leads me.....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Una entrada española del blog

Buen día cada uno, soy seguro que ahora gente te estás preguntando: “Cuál el infierno es él que dice?”

Estoy procurando escribir una entrada en español. ¿huh fresco? No es fácil escribir en español, y es 10 veces más difícil cuando no sabes una palabra del español.

Va a ser puede ser que ponga en cortocircuito pues es resistente conseguirlo traducido. Tan aquí es lo que lo hice hoy…

:: Dormí en 7:30 esta mañana::
:: Desperté aproximadamente 3:15 P.M.::

Ése es todo para ahora…

Aclamaciones y adiós

Las traducciones se pueden encontrar aquí - Translation
(have to be done manually, from SPANISH to ENGLISH)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blogger's blockage

my eSigh, I've never been able to blog nowadays due to many reasons:-

:: Too much late nights ::

:: Too much world cup fever ::

:: Too much coughing ::

:: Too much boredom ::

but mostly due to the world cup fever...

Well, this year's world cup has been both exciting and dissapointing.

Exciting because it's world cup for goodness sake?
Dissapoiting because teams you support are all out of the competition. Funny though, when you want Brazil to win, they lose. When you think England's got good chance to enter finals, you get Owen injured, Lampared Jinx, Rooney Red carded....

Well , Hard to say now who'll be in the finals since Italy beaten Gearmany 2-0 at the last minute of Extra time... It was by far in my opinion the best match I've witness so far. Why? it's because both team fought valiantly to get the ball behind the net. I must say I was hoping it would end up with Penalty shoot-out as Germany is one of the top country who rarely fails to win the shoot- out. Same goes to Italy, they have top class keeper.

Oh well....

I'm tired...

It's 7:35AM and I haven't slept at all....