Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Fever

Gosh, I haven't been updating for so long...I guess it's partly because of the worldcup fever that's been going on recently.

Well, I've got photos to upload but I think I'm too darn lazy to resize them...So I won't post them.

Let me recap what happened for the past few days, well... At the start of World Cup, I was happily drinking hot chocolate at Gentings while my parents were watching the opening match between host Germany and Costa Rica (was it costa rica?).

Then, it has always been late nights for me.. Now I'm turning into a pimple freak!


I've been accepted into Murdoch University and I will have to go back to college on the 17th July for briefing before I start my next phase of life. Oh well, life must go on....

Cheers people!


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