Monday, June 26, 2006


Melvin & Schrene, a commitment made unto God . A vow which the both have taken to share the love and trust and unity together . I've not only gotten a cousin in law, I guess sooner or later I'm gonna have a nephew or a neice or nephewS and neiceS...

The newlyweds Melvin & Schrene, I guess I don't need to tell you who's who right?

The wedding was held at Calvary church. Gosh, when I entered the premises, I was like WOW. The church looks so nice. Anywayz, the ceremony started at around 10am and ended around 11am. Short, simple and lovely I must say. After the "I do" and "I do" ended, we proceeded to reception.

we had the reception in one of the house near the church. I bumped into Christine during the wedding. It was kinda funny when she asked how I knew Melvin and funnier when she found out Melvin and I are cousins. Hahaha...

"xin liang che"

Then it's wedding dinner at a very prestigious, lovely & expensive..... *drumroll*

Kuda Emas Punya Istana
According to dad, the hotel is a ****** star hotel.

Here's where our family sat, and that's where I sat..haha

The Bridal's table, right in the middle of the ballroom...bah, please tell me I won't be doing that at my wedding(if I'll ever have one).
Since the dinner haven't started ( no thanks to the people chit chatting outside the ballroom like pasar malam vendors shouting), I decided to shoot here and there like an idiot.

The menu for the night

Hot and Cold Dish Appertizer
Dried Scallop, Fish Lips and Shark's Fin Soup
Deepfried Garoupa With Orange-Tou-Chu Sauce
Chrispy Roasted "Pei Pa" Chicken
Frid Butter Prawns
Chinese Cabbage with Beancurd Flower in Abalone Sauce
Fried Rice with Chicken and X.O. Sauce
Red Bean Stew with Black Sesame Dumpling
Sweet Fancy Duet

This was the first dish- Hot and Cold Appetizer Combination. I thought of taking every dish before eating, but hten it was too nice, I forgotten all about it..

After the dinner, dad pestered us to mingle with our cousins. So not wanting to dissapoint him, I started mingling loh....
But then I only prefer taking photos... LoL

Mom, bro, sis and me with 3 of my beautiful cousins. hmmm....

Yeah, The cousins, except the 2nd girl from the right standing, that's one of my cousin's sweetheart.

My new girlfriend? Well, I wish...
That's Ms Wong Sze Zen, former Ms Malaysia, sister to Melvin Wong, cousin to Caine Chan

bah, bangga, perasan aku ni....

anyways, yeah, that's about....


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