Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Youth Camp day 2

Today celebrated Esther's birthday. I have no idea how old she is. I apologise though for not attending the Lunch celebration, but I managed to stay back to have the lovely Mango Delight.
God bless Esther...
Scroll to the bottom to see the picture...

Saturday 13th May

Woke up at 6am. The weather was super duper refreshing. Usually I won't wake up that early for anything, but the weather was soo inviting. Brushed teeth, changed and headed to the canteen with fellow campers to pray for good weather, and guess what? it worked!?!? Don't pray pray play play when it comes to play play pray pray!

After morning prayers, had devotions, fastbreak breakfast and next session. After that it was team cook! Char Siew won that round not because of looks but because of quality. SO let that be a lesson to all, PRESENTATION does not ALWAYS mean GOOD, check it's QUALITY too...

After that it was Stream Trotting. The whole bunch of us campers were to brave through raging waters, climb steep rocks to reach the waterfall. It was an unforgettable experience! Most of us had the privilage to enjoy the cool water, the bruises, the cuts and best of all blood sucking vampires leeches! It took us 10-15 minutes to reach the starting point of stream trotting and another 2 hours of walking on water going through the streams to reach the destination. After 10-30 minutes of rest and relaxation up the waterfall, we had to go back to the campsite and it took us another 30minutes or less I guess to go back.

We had BBQ for dinner- Chicken wings, chicken thighs, hot dogs, buns, fried rice, intant noodles, watermelon....yummy!
Why instant noodles when we have so much food? hmm.....

Another Session after the dinner. We also had our own version of "who's line is it anyway", Char Siew won that round again. Darn, that makes 2 for Charsiew, 1 for Red Bean, 0 for Kaya... Oh before that we had another game, uncode the message to guess the christmas songs... darn it charsiew won again... which means, 3 for chars , 1 for reds, 0 for kayas...
Neh, the points doesn't matter...we're all winners =)
Dorm moments, lights out....

Note: Pictures will be posted up soon.

My second Birthday Presents

You can never buy this outside...
Thanks so much for taking your time to make that
Though I can't repay you with the same thing...
This present was specially HANDMADE by Suzanne!
I'm really sure you took alot of time making it

Thanks also to the Youths, Adrian & Nicholas for those messages.

Happy how old Birthday to you, Esther Shim
God Bless and thanks for making my internship at Next Media a wonderful experience!

Advice of the day
:: If you want to end your life, the slowest way is to start smoking ::


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