Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Youth Camp day 1 & Happy Anniversary BlissOfLife

Wow, I can't believe it, this blog actually survived for 1 full year!!!
I never expect that this blog is still alive. I must celebrate!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear bloggy

Happy birthday to you!!!

I'm ready, I'm ready
I'm ready for me cake...

Hmmm, simply yummy...fruity..lovely..tasty...

*Burp* oops, sorry....


It's been 2 days now since I came back from Youth Camp and boy I missed it soo much. Let's see if I can recap what happened during the 3 days 2 nights camp...

Friday 12th May

(* names changed to make it interesting)

Woke up at around 8:30am, bath, did some last minute checking to see if I left out anything. After that I left house at 9:30am to pick up suzanne, pumped petrol and headed back home to play Kingdom Hearts. I actually played until I past the meeting time, so when Lordson smsed me I hurried to church. After that , we waited for few more campers before starting our journey up north? south? east? west? We went in 4 cars - The Van, The Proton , The Bond car, and the airplane airtrek. Female campers sat in The Van, Bond* family sat in the Bond car, handsome married man and big macho chef in The Proton while I drove the Airplane Airtrek with Suzanne, Lordson, Mr Ean.J and Eugene.

We were actually behind schedule due to some minor problem. At around 1pm or so, Mr Bond told us to take a loo break before heading to Bidor for Lunch. Apparently he said the loos there are too looney tooney dirtey. Oh, and we saw a bunch of boy scouts army dudes too.
We reached Bidor and Mr Bond being the Bond he is, treated us to a yummylicious super duper noodles for lunch, seems that the restaurant was famous for some duck noodles, but I ordered One Ton BBQ Swine Noodles instead. Though I was glad the lunch was free, but somehow I feel we should pay for ourselves, oh well... Thanks Mr Bond!

Reached our destination SUFES at around 3pm. We unloaded our things, checked into our dorms and cabins and changed into our war clothes.

It seems there was a war going on, I can't believe it. There were bullets flying around, sounds of people screaming... Thankfully there were these UN people there, they were the Peacekeepers of the war.
let's see.... 3 nations waging war against each other. They were The Char Siews, The Red Beans and The Kaya. Before war commence, we were to establish our base and our flags are to be kept safe from enemy. Then, seconds before the war started, one enemy willingly offered herself to be our very 1st prisoner. Anyway, The Red Beans managed to bag the most prisoners, though the objective of the war was to steal the opponents flag. No one got it, so decided on the most prisoners captured.

Sessions at night, dorm moments and lights out for the day....

My Birthday present...

love the shirt alot...
love the bottle more...

wait till you see the other presents...

to be continued...

Advice of the day
:: Don't wear the shoe if it's too small, it hurts your foot like hell ::


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