Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day


You fed me when I was small
but I thank you by spitting the food
You clothe me when I was dirty
but I thank you by making it dirty again
You scold me when I was naughty
but I thank you by cursing you behind your back
You took care of me when I was sick
but I thank you by crying every night when I was a baby
You fetched me to tuition, school and parties
but I thank you by complaing why you always come late
You took attention to all my studies and college stuffs
but I thank you by failing to obtain Distintions


I thank you now for scolding me
I thank you now for loving me
I thank you now for caring me
I thank you now for fetching me
I thank you now for being alive and here beside me
I thank you now for teaching me the right from wrong...
I love you and I will always do,
Blessed Mothers day to you..

On another matter,

Just got back from Youth camp at SUFES. It was a wonderful yet tiring experience, wonderful because the youths were more united as ever, blessed with the presense of God almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ. Tiring because of the 1km? 2km? 3km? walk to the stream and another 100m?200m?1km? stream trotting up to the waterfall.
Took pictures, and some taken by others, will see if I have the time to upload them...

till then, tired and satisfied!

Current task

:: Practical Traning report, journals and portfolios ::

:: Designs of Corporate profile ::

Advice for the day

:: have yourself 2 panadols when you have a splitting headache ::


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