Monday, May 15, 2006

Big Dilemma

I have to submit my Murdoch University application form soon and I am currently in big dilemma.

I decided that I want to do...

Screen and Sound (BMedia)

Qualification:Bachelor of Media (BMedia) in Screen and Sound (Pass/Honours)
Duration:3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Availability: Murdoch campus (internal)
Employment Prospects:Graduates can expect to find employment in a wide range of fields, from the creative industries (new media, advertising, television, music) to management, administration, public policy, media research. Graduates will also have had ample opportunities to be familiar with a range of screen and sound crew functions such as production design, lighting, Director of Photography etc.
Recommended Minors:Multimedia; Creative Arts.
Recommended Double Majors:Media Studies; Radio; Gender and Cultural Studies; Journalism; Public Relations; Communication, Technology and Policy.

So if I were to take Screen and Sound itself, I would have to leave this July.
But if I choose to do double major instead, I would have a chance to do 1 year or more here and the rest at Perth. However, the only subjects offered here are Media Studies, Public Relations & Communicaiton,Technology and Policy.

If my application for Media Studies & Screen and Sound as double major fails... my 2nd preference would be Radio & Screen and sound...

which means I still have to fly off this year...
so I only got one chance to get that approval...

What to do?
What to do?
I feel I'm stuck at 2 roads....

Advice of the day

:: to score well in Exams, never stop playing PS2 ::


Blogger capecod said...

u're making me confused now.. O.o

screen+sound is a major right?
but it takes 3 yrs? WOW...
i'm not gonna waste another 3 yrs if i were you.

the double major n recommended minor part - ME confused!

do u hv to pay more to do a double major?
n what's the minor for? optional?

1:34 PM  
Blogger Jaslyn said...

flying over in july i see?

well, to be frank, double major is still good but it still consumes more time.

what is your interest at first? if it's mainly screen and sound then stick to it. cos things here aren't that easy with double major. even im doing double major, having difficulties and workload.

in the meantime, pray about it. you've submitted it so wait patiently. im sure u'll get it.

8:48 PM  

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