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Unwanted Pest... You refering to us?

Well, I have no idea why suddenly all this thoughts came to my mind. I'm sure most of you remember a certain individual by the name Andrew Soh Chih Jen.

Well this guy left Malaysia 6 years ago for Japan to study. Study what don't ask me, go ask him.

here's a direct link anyway:- Click here

Unwanted pests in life *in my heart, arrows of offensive words are heading to "you"

I am no perfect Christian (I dare those who say they are) and I do not plan to be so. I rather forget than to forgive. Call it hiprocracy, call it a sin, call it misusing religious belief, I do not mind. Why forgive another human when you do not need them in your life at all or should I say "you do not need them anymore"? As long as I do not do anything to them, that is well good enough for me. Who needs lousy sleepless nights ? Who needs to worry about something which is not fruitful ? Why choose to suffer when you can have joy ? If joy means cutting of meaningless relationships, I would give that a chance to have peace in my heart. Same as war. How you expect a person who got bullied to forgive the one bullying them ? So what do people (in this case, the one being bullied) do then, kill more (in this case killing the bastards who are bullying them)? Please, they know much better than us. Then what? Forgive ? Neh ... to be more precise, it is to forget and move on. No hard feelings though, I don't need some non-valuable people in my life. People, as in ex-friends, which is far worse than a stranger. For those who can prove the existence of God, please kindly come to me and proove it. If not, you have no rights to question what I believe. I may read the Quran, the Holy Bible, and say Buddhism chants. Would that make me a bad person ? If it does, a human you say ? Sorry, I do not know such human. Perhaps they exist but I do not want to know them (anymore). So, just leave ... please (if I need to beg)

Why people do not move on ? Why people get stuck ? The reason is simple. They spend to much time worrying petty little stuff and when they do realize it, most of the time, it is far too late to make changes. Well, we can give examples like failure in any areas, giving up dreams and hopes, losing good friends etc. But, life, there are more ahead. So just leave those good memories behind and move on. Give up for I have given up. I am far much happier and I earned my freedom which enabled me to grow and to move on. For those who really knows me, what I say was right, right ? Even it is wrong. Too bad for certain things are too late to be changed. Stop searching for reasons where you will never get and live your life to the fullest. Then, you may call yourself successful. Peace (not as in friendship, but as in no war. Hatred cannot be avoided yet things can be controlled) !

posted Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Yes, this was posted 2 years back but it still disturbs me. Is he refering to the youths? is he refering to me as well?
Gosh, until now i still wonder, what the flook did we do to make him write such shits... I have sent him a comment asking for an explanation.

The least you could do is give me an explanation, i'm not asking you shits, jsut one damn explanation.

On another matter, 1 week as gone since I started internship. Next week will be quite busy, lots of photos to shoot, even lots more to edit. Argh!


Blogger .:dewgem:. said...


I'm still baffled and blur on what happened that made him say such remarks.

I've actually cried because of him ok?


8:57 PM  
Blogger Caine said...

read latest entry thankyou

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