Monday, April 17, 2006

The Many Attitudes of our locals (and it includes me too)

1. “Tidak apa”
This is quite similar to the procrastination attitude where we say:
“ Never mind la”, “Aiyor, easy job, I do later la”, “Still got a lot of time,
We still have until year end to register our prepaid line”.

2. Freeloader
When something is FREE, you’ll see most of the people there.
“Recently, people do not want to consume chicken due to bird flu cases, but when there’s FREE fried chicken being offered, you have lots of people with plastic bags, all ready to “tapau” or pack the fried chickens.”
Next time, just give something free and they won’t worry about the problem.

3. Ungrateful
We have a lot of people who don’t even bother to say thank you for the smallest thing you do for them.
“One guy was going to the lift, when the lift about to close, another person suddenly rushes for it, the guy being considerate quickly opens the lift for the person, but the person did not utter a thank you as if the guy don’t owe him nothing.”

4. Dare devils
This one powerful, you can drive in this country, you can drive anywhere.
“ One car speeding, swerving left and right like his grandfather owns the road”

5. Copy cats
This one more or less refers to some of the programs we have in our television.
“Fear factor ala local style, who wants to be a millionaire ala local style. HELLO? Where’s the originality?”

6. Greedy
Just one word; Corruption! Nowadays, people who are 100% honest are very rare creatures. If you find one, be happy because its like you found the long lost dodo bird
“ Driving test, want to pass? Simple, pay extra money”

These are just some of the many faces we locals have. I’m not saying that I am not in those categories, I am one of the locals and yes I am in one of the categories as well.

Kita Boleh!!?!

Easter Sunday was yesterday....

so tired....

Will blog about it tmr or when ever I have the time =)

Here's the picture I edited from.....

I have edited the "man" from the picture, but girlchurchmate's hand still a distraction, right Lordson?

suzanne, manage to edit the dude...away


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