Wednesday, April 12, 2006

God isn't here

I feel like everything just goes wrong
I feel like problems after another arises
I feel like having so much burden
I feel like your family problems just increases
I feel like laying down on the bed and do nothing but cry
I feel like being alone
I feel like dieing
I feel like my life's in so much mess
I feel like there's no joy in my life
I feel like God is playing with my life

Where is God when I need Him?
Where is God when my family is having all sorts of problems?
Where is God when she had cancer?
Where is God NOW when she has to undergo all these treatments?
Where is God NOW when she has to carry such contraption for life?
Where is God NOW when I cry out to Him?
Where? Where? Where?
TELL ME WHERE!?!!??!?!

Is He even listening?
Is He even near?
Is He ignoring me?
Is He there?
Does He hate me so much to do such things?


Remember KDU college?
I don't care if the cops come
Sue me for defamation... I really hate the way you guys run the show...
they penalized me RM50 for not paying fees on time.
I really hate those vampires...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am listening. I am reading your blog. I don't have an answer for you just now. But give me some time. And meanwhile know I'm thinking of you and the person who you think of.

When you think that no one is loving you
Remember me
Whenever you wonder who am I
Remember me, Your Friend.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Caine said...

hello tracey...

not to be rude..but
have we met ? =)

"When you think that no one is loving you
Remember me
Whenever you wonder who am I
Remember me, Your Friend."

very familiar....

10:08 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Dear Tracey, first I don't think you can speak on behalf of God. As none of us here even know what He's thinking. Only He knows what we're thinking. He's the only one to prepare the road for us so we do not speak in behalf of him.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Caine said...

Dear tracey,

thanks again for that comment =)
hope to see you more often in my blog =)

12:19 AM  

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