Thursday, April 13, 2006

From a distance

Something I wrote while trying to get rid of my boredom at work today

He lay upon his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling,
Behold a tear flows from his eye.
Thoughts of the past races through his mind,
Oh how painful the past is.
The burdens, which he now carries is unbearable.
He breaks down in tears, finding comfort in his sleep.
Oh how he could forever stay in the dream,
Where everything was perfect, where he felt happy, overjoyed.
He wakes up each day, fearing for what might happen.
Like a zombie, he goes about his daily routine- cold, lifeless, emotionless.
He’d hope that the worst is now history.
But the hope seemed so far away as he struggles with another obstacle.
“Will it ever end?” he asks.
“Will it ever cease?” he thought.
Oh, how he wish for a person; a friend, be it him or her,
He cries for that friend who was never there.
He feels he’s on a highway, a highway, which leads him to nowhere but anguish, sadness, pain, suffering.
He thought about that perfect dream again
“Let me forever live in that dream,” he shouts!
Oh, what unbearable pain
Never will he be the same again.

Will it ever end?

I decided not to pay the penalty but only the subject. Why bother to feed those vampires our parents blood and sweat?


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