Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dedicated to Paul Tan

Dear Paul,

"I am the God , that healeth thee, I am the God your healer.
I sent My word, and healed your disease, I am the God your healer"

As you lie silently asleep on the hospital bed, I pray that God will heal you.
Know that Jesus is right beside you as a matter of fact, He will heal you.
When you walk again, use that experience as a living testimoney to those who needs to be saved.

I pray that whatever satan is up to in his evil plan, God will turn it into something glorious, something wonderful. satan has no stand in this place, for you are being protected by the most powerful security- Jesus.

Have a speedy recovery and we hope to hear from you again =)

To those who knows Paul and wishes to be updated regularly, please proceed to this blog.


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