Monday, April 03, 2006

Dark Age Fables

The paragraph above has nothing to do with the title. I think somehow I could have guessed who have been childish enough to be polluting my blog with unnecessary stuff. I was once "them" and when I got out of it during my "dark age", I was showered with words which I could not accept anymore. I decided to be strong and kept away from things which would, I guess, to the death of my soul. To be truthful, it was painful to do so but it was even more painful I didn't have. In short, I wished to be forgotten - but I guess, I'm not. Perhaps I am, perhaps my actions (childish, as I was before) are judged as retardness but I have no regrets. I am better off the way I am now, without having to linger around the thoughts which was haunting me during that very dark age period of mine. Each human are given choices and I have chosen to do so and I wish that my decision can be respected and my words say "Go on with your life as I have" for there's no point trying to reason things now, when everything's already changed.

Questions like "Do we mean nothing to you anymore ?", "Why are we ignored ?" and "What made me do such a thing ?" are no longer needed to be questioned anymore, for answers will never bring a change. With history, there's the existence of whom I would call who I am today. History makes me up and each detail that has to do with it, means something to me no matter good or bad, in my eyes. Things will never be the same and never will I turn back to something which I had chosen to let go. Moved forward is what I am right now and cannot stand lying to myself anymore. I know my actions did eventually involved individuals which does not have anything to do directly to my problems but the betrayal I felt could pushed me to a verge I could not contain anymore which brings me to a point of time where I said, "Enough" and reseted myself and my eyes set to the front - never to be repeated in my daily endeavors of my life.

Being unreasonable, being able to clean up my situation just like that takes much more courage than what some may think. Let's say I have a friend who understood my doubts on unquestionable faith, my pain - encouraged when I was down. One good friend's good enough, time and chance brought the one to me - to whom only I was willingly to share, for it hurts to tell another soul. Being reminded even now triggers a pain that will hit me down, but being how I am right now, I've found my ways to hinder all the trials, putting myself together in my own ways. Life's only once, even if it's not, I will live like there's only once and to live this precious life to the way I want it to be is on my top priority. If I could choose a life that will bring happiness to me, why should I stay in a situation which would only give me pain and misery. Over with the dark-age period, heading onwards with my definition of Renaissance.

So, individuals with ability to encode this fable of mine who will find reality in it, leave the past as it is. Live the fun and great moments as it is - for reasonings right now will even spoil the best memories that we once used to have and I see no repeatition, no hope for those things to happen anymore again. Why give up, why not give it a chance, why be so stubborn - again, my answer : No reasonings and let's all walk our life and I am a living soul, chasing the ideal image I have for myself. Being childish, stalled in an area where no solutions can be found will bring no results. If you treat me as what you think I am still am which I am no more, grow up boldly and be yourself, have courage in taking steps, drastic and radical even to pursue your own definition of a good life. Throw me away, flush me down the drain if I stick to your mind, puzzling you even more right now as you read this. For truly, it would be the most ideal step of all right now. God bless you for He has been good to me.

By Andrew Soh

I have posted this in hopes that those who have had a part in this would read it.To those Involved, I hope this could make you all fully or understand more on why such things has to happen. However I admit that I have not the ability to encode this fable.

On another matter, I took this picture from Lordson's blog and decided to mess around with it with the iMac.

Here's how it was like before edited...

After some minor adjudstments...

This however was done in like few minutes so i hadn't the time to properly adjust it =)


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Can't u remove that guy swimming in the sea ? spoiled the scenary la

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Blogger Caine said...

remove the guy eh?

will try tonight with photoshop...ROFL

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