Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where the future will lead?

Did you all know, that whenever Kenny Sia placed some anonymous blogger on his site. Instantly, BAM WAM BOOM SPLAT!! that anonymous isn't so anonymous anymore...
talk about 30 seconds of fame...

The end of my final semester is coming to it's final destination, which means I'll have to start my industrial training next semester. Gosh, I can't believe time is flying past like water running down the pipe. Alot has happened for the past 2 years and 2 months. Let's recap...

Remember at the beginning of my college years (I think it's somewhere around March 2004) , my mom was diagnose with Colon cancer. It was really a tough year for me, I had to endure alot of pressure, sometimes I even wonder am I being cursed?

Some people said that: "18 years old is the worst year ever", now I'm beginning to believe that. Well, mom was admitted to the hospital and it hurt alot to see the pain she's going through. Well, as the eldest of the family,everyone assumes that I have to bear the responsibility of this and that. I was like, why me?! Just because I was born first doesn't mean I have to bear the responsibility right? it's so bloody unfair.

Then we have the relationship problems. Boy when I think about those times when my relationship with my gf was like a roller coaster. One time we're up, next thing you know, we're down...and down....

Well, all these are in the past now, however what worries me the most is my future. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? All these thoughts are still running in my head. Sometimes I wish I could go to a secluded spot and shout everything at the top my lungs. To make matters worst, dad is like pushing me to focus this focus that. For the love of gawd! I ain't roboT!!! cut me some slackS!!!!

Right now, I'm THAT CLOSE into slamming my damn fist on the computer. Why the hell, we pay shit cash to Streamyx when all we get is fuchok lousy slow piece of shit connection!?
I'm like receiving SHIT and sending TONS of SHIT!
I'm am so about to explode!!!

watch me head...closely... wait for 5 seconds, ( scroll to the bottom)

Last week, the whole bunch of crazy youths and I went to this Restaurant called Yuen *allyoucaneat buffet steamboat* restaurant.
It's the restaurant where all malaysian's , young and old show their true colors....

let's take this for example,

the restaurant apparently is famous for their chicken wings. I don't know why either, there's nothing really special about those wings, plus with the Bird Flu virus going around, they sure hell aint' worry about it...
before the wings arrive

during the scuffle, with brother happilly sniffing drugs sipping on the tea

well, it seems that the Chicken wings are so damn laku, that once the wings arrive, in no less than 2 minutes

the whole platter of them is gone... Talk about being greedy!

the aftermath of the chicken wings snatch!

that's all that's left...1 piece of small drummet....which i happilly grab and munched on my way back to the table =)
Oh well...we are proud to be Malaysians!

If you stared at the head closely... boy are you dumb =) (no pun intended)


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