Sunday, March 12, 2006

What can you get for RM3

The question today is what can you get for RM3?

Actually what I got for RM3 was a small packet of Nachos...

Here, let me show you how to make your very own RM3 worth of Nachos *I still find it expensive*

Step 1

That's Kuih Batik (bottom picture)

Pour your Nachos in your very own "paper plate". Make sure you wear a glove, you don't want no HFM do you? Practice good hygiene!!

Step 2

Take a spoon, scoop the salsa sauce...

and pour it into the paper plate.

Step 3

Show it off to your customer... you're done! =)

Here's the "chef"

too little for you??

How bout the motherload Nachos!

and it's totally free...for me !! and few others..


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