Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Photography is fun!

Camera : Canon EOS 350D
Title : landscape
Location : Taman Greenwood, Gombak

This picture was taken in the late evening or what I would call the golden hour for photograh. I feel that late evening before the sunsets, that's where we can get loads of wonderful pictures. Try it sometime =)

Camera : Canon EOS 350D
Title : Reflection@ This Goes In Front*
location: The Curve

I don't think I need to explain the picture right? I can't really remember what shutter speed and aperture I used for this photo. Here's how I took this photo.
The right side is actually a glass frame. I faced my camera exactly near the glass frame and shot this. However, night time would bring out the effect as the lighting from the signboard brings out the reflection.
This picture was taken by Nicholas Leong@ N-Newtype. This picture is taken from low angle facing upwards.
Camera : Canon Power Shot S50
Title : Sunset
Location : somewhere in Perak state.

This was actually taken when I was in a car. Yet again I have forgotten the shutter speed and the aperture but what I can say is that don't use a slow shutter speed as the light from the sun may cause it to be over exposed.

Camera : Canon EOS350D
title: Architecture
Location : Putra Jaya
Edited by : Alicia Yap

This picture was taken during a field trip to Putrajaya. The picture was taken from a low angle facing up.

Camera : Canon EOS350D
Title : Target
Location: Taman Megah Futsal

this picture was taken with a 20-40 shutter speed with a 5.0 Aperture . However, the shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted depending on your preference. I also used MF (manual focus ) for this shot to get the blur effect for the background while focusing on the ball. The purpose of this picture was to portray the theme Target to the picture. What it means was the ball which I focused on was targeted to the goalie which has been blured and darken in the background.

Camera : Canon EOS 350d

Both Suzanne and I are goofing off.....


Blogger .:dewgem:. said...

nice pics!!!

Hahaha. now on the journey to become a professional photographer eh?

Sad that my camera KO-ed. Hope it will come back soon. Miss my camera a lot! =(

12:28 AM  
Blogger Caine said...

LOL..... patients is a virtue..though i don't practice it..MWAHAHAH

1:24 PM  

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