Tuesday, March 21, 2006

God's playing with me

Is God trying to mess around with me?

What the hell is wrong!?

When will He stop playing with me!!

My mom has suffered enough! Why must she suffer again!! What must we do to stop this shit from happening again!?

Mom is required to go Singapore again for another scanning. I was like WHAT THE HELL!!!

This isn't fair, why can't this happen to someone else. Let it happen to those rapists, murderers, robbers punya mother la! WHy my mother!

I seriously had enough of all this shit....

I can only summarise this one simple sentence.

"god is playing with my life"

:: damn petrol price increased for shit reasons ::
:: starting work next week ::
:: figuring out how to fix the damn router ::
:: finished photo exhibition, diploma ::
:: life still sucks as usual, WORD! ::

" When an adult gets ******* angry, they will let it out on those younger than them ""
Quoted by Caine Chan

Title : Fire Dance
Dancer : Sidiq @ Malau
Camera : Canon EOS 350D

This picture best taken using tripod unless your hands are stable.
I've used a 0"5 shutter speed with a 4.5 aperture.


Blogger capecod said...

i SO know what u mean by "when an adult gets ******* angry, they will let it out on those younger than them".
I totally agree with u on that.. cos i've been involved in shitty issues with them b4.. n believe me.. they weren't pretty... -.-

8:33 PM  

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