Sunday, February 26, 2006

When people ignores copyright work

Here's a couple of questions for you...

1. Are you a big Kenny Sia fan? (or at least you know and visit his site regularly)
2. Have you read The Star's Friday 24th Feb 2006 ?
3. Do you know about the RM50 prize for those who takes the most newsworthy photo?

If your answer for all 3 questions is YES. Then check this out...

If you still have the newspaper , flip it to the page where they post the photos. There you will come across this picture.

taken from The Colonel's Diary

This picture was sent to The Star by a person known as Vivien Chew. Based on the person's name, I can tell the person's a she unless she is a he who prefers to be known as a she and thus calling him or herself Vivien. Anyway back to my topic...

Now let us all compare the above picture with this :-

What we have here is 2 similar picture with 1 problem. Kenny Sia isn't Vivien Chew. Before anyone jumps into conclusion, let me put myself in YOU the readers shoes who thinks Kenny maybe wrong... But after detailed investigation. I have to say that the picture is originally taken by Kenny Sia himself. Let me stat a few facts why it belongs to him.

First of all notice the date his picture was posted on his blog. It CLEARLY shows that his picture was posted on the 22nd of May 2005. TWO THOUSAND FREAKING FIVE!!! (for more info please refer to Reason For Sara entry by Kenny Sia.

Secondly, you might think that another person may have taken the same sighboard at the same place. Maybe Vivien was at the same spot Kenny was?

Well here's another fact...

Notice the motorcycle? The car and another vehicle further front? They are exactly the same position. How the freaking hell would you get the same vehicle at the different time!?! what are the odds?!? Come on man....

Where has the copyright gone? Is everyone taken copyright for granted? I won't mind if you take my photos. But please for goodness sake, credit me or something!? It's very immoral for Vivien to had lied about the photo. Seriously what is the whole point of the competition if no one takes the effort to actually go and TAKE the photo? I feel Kenny Sia has been cheated. In my opinion RM50 may not matter to him but at least he should be credited for that photo? Don't you agree with me?

unless Kenny has use another identity to send that picture , which I think is a total bullcrap, I hereby conclude that the picture posted on 24th February 2006 in the Star is originally taken by Kennysia and posted on 22nd May 2005.


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