Wednesday, February 22, 2006


it's been awhile since i actually touched my blog. I really haven't got the time to just a short recap for the past few events that happened...

:: Spent Valentines day with Suzanne at Hooked,The Curve, guess who I saw? Paul Moss from Malaysian Idol. The food was great, the price was was the bomb! *wallet got big hole*

::Saturday was another valentines night, but it wasn't for me, It was for the youths. Haha, Lordson, Benjamin ,Ean and I were the waiters.. Dewgem and Sharon were the Managers. Boy It was a sight to see. Winner for best etiquette was Anna while the best couple award was bagged by Daniel Foo and Jessica Lim. Don't worry boys and girls. THey are both single and available, I think...

:: Sunday was another valentines night, but it was for the adults from my church. Boy, talk about hatrick Valentine!! Yeah, was the waiter cum photographer. Thnaks Suzanne, Sharon, Priscilla, Esther Benjamin,Matthew for helping. It was really great huh??

:: Finally gotten myself a job at a company. Internship's coming up... Hopefully the stress I can handle..if not mati!!

:: happy birthday AlyssA!!

:: next birthday Sheryl!!!


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