Monday, January 30, 2006

New Year Comes....Old Year Gone

This sure has been one "stressful" week. Business this year has dropped badly. I can't believe I couldn't land myself in any clients this year.

This means Feb 14, I can't spend much?!? NOOOOOOO

oh well, the things you do for love....

So, how have you all been spending your Chinese New Year?

Catching up with long lost cousins, not so lost cousins, just next door cousins..
Having the none stop reunion dinners and yea, don't forget the red packets we call Kung Pows.. i mean Ang pows...
Not to mention those Total None Stop Action Eating and Eating and Drinking and SLeeping...

gosh, my hard earned weight loss just...went *poof* gone...just like that

Oh well, I shall now drown in CNY sorrows....bye

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Blogger Jaslyn said...

This cny really doesnt feel like cny. donno why. glad that u enjoyed ur cny. till then.

1:20 AM  

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