Thursday, January 12, 2006

A new life brought forth into this world....

It was a tiring day for one young inexperience mother. It was her first time having a baby...
"I'm anxious" she thought to herself.
"I'm so nervous, this is my first time"

However, all thoughts have to be put aside as she is wheeled into the labour room. As the room closes behind the family, the anxious yet exciting father to be held his lovely wife as she begins to undergo a pain no man can ever feel, a pain where only a mother can feel and experience. These pains are not pains that hurts. They are pains which means that a life is being brought forth into this world. A new life which is a father and a mother's greatest and most wonderful joy. It is a moment where no one...NO ONE can take away.

As the relatives wait patiently at the hallway, the future grandfather and grandmother waited anxiously for the arrival of their newly grandchild.

"What joy" thought the grandparents to be.

January 4th 2006, this date represents the day when a new born baby was brought into the world by her mother Donna Wong Yen Yee. A baby whom for 9 months lying in dormant inside her mother's womb. A baby whom for 9 months the mother shared the bond. A baby whom after 9 months is ready to be held closely in their parents arms. A baby whom will be cherished by the parents, grandparents and relatives. Such joy, such peace.....

It was at that moment, January 4th 2006....

Sarah Lee Jia Ern, weighing at an astounding, wonderful 3.02kg was brought forth by Donna Wong Yen Yee with Aaron Lee Soon Yin and the grandparents by her side....

She's sooooo cutee...isn't she??


Sarah Lee Jia Ern


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